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02/26/2013 09:57 AMPosted by Loreilei
Edit: ._.' The temptation to become human is immense. Unfortunately, all of Lore's lore involves her being a belf.

So I just came up with an idea how this is going to work!

You could say that you angered some great mage after you slew his Uncle's brother's best friend's gardener. So he cast a curse upon you, causing you to awake in Stormwind as a human female. Now you must set out on an epic journey to reclaim your heritage and find your way back home.

I can see it now...We'll call it Loreilei's Path.

Coming this summer to a theatre near you...Loreilei's Path, the journey of a young belf who finds her entire world turned upside down one fateful night. Stripped of all that she holds dear and cast from the very lands she calls home, now she must wander in enemy lands as one of the very people she once waged war on. Accompanied by Tanria, a powerful Draenei Priestess and Sir Jerrich, Knight-Errant, she will set out on a path of redemption, discovery and revelations. In the end will she find that which she truly seeks, or will she find that sometimes the greatest lights in our heart are found within the darkest paths of the road. That those once held as enemy, become the stalwart companions she always dreamt of. That it's not what we seek on the outside that is important, but what we seek on the inside. This will be the journey that will embolden your hearts, lift your souls and bring tears to your eyes. Join Loreilei and her companions as they discover what truly is worth fighting for in life.

This movie is not yet rated....

Title is still a work in progress, and of course that is just a rough draft of the intro reel. It needs to be edited a lot, but all I could come up with in the five minutes I got before leaving. But I'm thinking if we pitch this right, we could easily talk the studios into a trilogy. We'll get Tanria to draw us up some storyboards, I'll do the BS'ing and you just bring the main character.
Sometimes, you just leave me completely speechless.
Tal i wish i could live inside your head.
Every time I read a Tal post, it gets harder not to faction x-fer....
I am definitely in favor of some PvP, and do enjoy some good old fashioned world PvP along with BG's. I guess I'll sign up, but not sure if my lack of enthusiasm for in-game RPing would fit well with your guild.
This time tomorrow i will be watching slayer.
02/28/2013 04:16 PMPosted by Nakhu
Every time I read a Tal post, it gets harder not to faction x-fer....

02/28/2013 04:16 PMPosted by Nakhu
Every time I read a Tal post, it gets harder not to faction x-fer....

Then do we have the announcement for you! After some early morning brainstorming we've decided to cast you as the leading villain. You shall be the High General of the evil wizard's army, transformed into a dwarf to infiltrate enemy lines and make sure Loreilei never makes it home. We're going to cast a couple of bumbling gnome sidekicks to accompany you, as every villain needs inept help that just always manages to let the the hero escape. Start working on your evil cackle and beard stroking.

Also if you could give us a few test lines like: "I'll get you my pretty and your draenei priest too!" "You thought you could escape the clutches of my masters nefarious plans? Hah, you insignificant worms, now you will feel the full fury of his wrath!" "RARHRAHRHARAHRARHSR! You may have killed me, but you will never find what you're looking for! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......"

You know just general stuff like that, we need an idea on how you're going to portray this evil henchman, so we can cast accordingly.

02/28/2013 03:50 PMPosted by Gussy
Tal i wish i could live inside your head.

Hop on in, drinks in the cooler, ribs on the BBQ. We got a volleyball game out back, and slip n' slide up front.

There's plenty of empty space in there for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, I am just a trained professional at looking clever and intelligent, also slightly insane. But that isn't an act...
02/28/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Tanria
Sometimes, you just leave me completely speechless.

That's my job, sweet thang. In case you didn't notice, I still ain't got no pants on.
03/01/2013 05:05 AMPosted by Jerrich
Then do we have the announcement for you! After some early morning brainstorming we've decided to cast you as the leading villain. You shall be the High General of the evil wizard's army, transformed into a dwarf to infiltrate enemy lines and make sure Loreilei never makes it home. We're going to cast a couple of bumbling gnome sidekicks to accompany you, as every villain needs inept help that just always manages to let the the hero escape. Start working on your evil cackle and beard stroking.

We still haven't really developed our case for mister Evil Wizard. Or why he's trying to stop me to begin with. o_o'
Please note that this entire story is a work of fiction and does not in any way correspond to the real Loreilei or Nakhu. This is purely for movie scripts only and is held under copyright laws of the United States of America's Entertainment Associations Act, Section 6, Subsection 8a. I have no idea of her backstory, or even that of elves, so everything from this point on is merely the work of bull!@#$. Also note I am not a writer nor do I claim to be, so this story will be very simple and poorly formatted. I have the idea, others must be the true script writers.

Now on with the story:

The early morning air was crisp and cold, biting at the exposed face of Loreilei as she gazed out at the road ahead of her.
"Well, what do you see?" The Blood Elf mage behind her snapped impatiently, as he waited for her to make any sort of movement at all.
Taking her eyes off the road and turning back towards the other elf on the hill, Loreilei gave him a long look as if to judge whether it was worth answering. "As your Brother said, it is an alliance supply convoy headed for Panderia."
"Of course it's what he said, his power is well beyond your simple understanding, warrior." The other elf replied with a sneer on his face.
Loreilei gave him one last long judging look before turning back towards the road below and the alliance wagons traveling upon it. "Fool" she muttered under her breath. The only reason this mage was with her in the first place was because his brother was a powerful Magister who had the ear of the Lord Regent. Glancing back at the other troops waiting patiently behind her for their commanders orders, she looked again at the mage leering at her.
"Well? Are you going to give the order or do I have to do everything for you?" He growled out at her, his breath causing puffs of steam to form.
Loreilei shook her head and sighed. She had no choice, under orders from the Lord Regent, she was commanded to relieve the alliance of these vital supplies and claim them for the glory of Silvermoon. Of course all knew who really wanted this done and why. As the magisters brother, this mage would gain much prestige and power from a succesful raid and rise rapidly.
With one last sigh, she stood up straight, the plate armor on her creaking and cracking in the cold, as would bones snapping. Turning towards her men she motioned to her second.
"Commander?" He asked marching forward and standing to attention.
"Assemble the men, Salatharion, we attack at once." She replied.
"Your will be done!" He replied, bringing fist to his chest before turning abrutly to the men and signalling them to rise.
With a clanking of steel, the men and women of the Third Silvermoon Expeditionary Force rose and began to move forward. A metal wall of death, descending upon the unsuspecting guards below.
Sergeant Horrace stopped and wiped his brow again, despite the cold morning air he was sweating like a dog in summer.
"Hotter then a serving wench in the Blue Pearl, huh sarge?" Corporal Jackson hollered down to him from the wagon, a large smile plastered on his ruddy face.
Grinning back and spitting out a large chunk of tobacco, Horrace glanced back at the wagons behind him. "Aye Jackie, but not no where near as happy ending I wager!"
"Knowing our luck, we'll probably still end up broke and pantless by the end of this journey." Jackson replied, following his Sergeants glance back at the other wagons. "Don't worry, Horry, this lot 'll make it safe and sound."
"Let hope so Jackie, we're traveling on dangerous roads." He replied, looking at the woods around them.
Jackson took a hand off the reigns and yanked a thumb back over his shoulder. "Who on earth would attack us? These wagons are full of refugees, even the horde ain't that cruel."
Horrace nodded letting out a sigh and turning towards his friend with a smile. "You're probably right, Jackie, we got nothing to wor..." He words abruptly cut off as an arrow came whistling out of the woods and with a thud pierced his open mouth.

"Well fired, Kerissala!" Loreilei said with a pat on the rangers grinning shoulder as she watched the arrow strike down the alliance guard leader. Drawing her sword, she turned towards her waiting soldiers. "For the glory of our people and the everlasting beauty of our fair city, we attack!"
With that the Blood Elves drew their weapons and with a blood curtling yell of "For the Eternal City!" charged out of the woods into the file of shocked and stunned alliance soldiers.
The fight was over before it began, tired and cold, what morale the few guards had was squashed the minute they saw their sergeant fall with the arrow in his skull. The few who put up any resistance at all were cut down in seconds by the highly trained and very lethal elves.
"You killed him, you killed Horry, ya damned bastard flea gotten elves!" Jackson screamed as he was dragged before a remarkably pretty looking female blood elf. Under different circumstances he'd probably even attempt to ask the lass for a dance. At this moment however we was just trying not to empty his bladder.
"You are hereby a prisoner of the Eternal City and your goods claimed by the Lords and Ladies." The pretty elf said to him in a cold voice, but a voice that he could have sworn was laced with sympathy for the man.
Jackson just stared dumbly at her for a moment, before breaking out into a cackling mad laugh. "Ya hear that Horry? Ya hear that! These bastards killed ya for our "goods"! Our goods! Ya daft buffoons, we ain't carrying goods, we got refugees! We got refugees! We got..." He never finished his cackling ramblings as a fireball came screeching out of nowhere and consumed him. With one final scream of agony he disintegrated into smoke and ash.

Whirling around and raising her sword, Loreilei glared at the mage in rage. "What have you done? He had surrendered to us and was no longer a threat!"
"He was an enemy and a human, that is reason enough." The mage responded with a wave of his hand as if brushing away a knat. "Now then, let us see about destroying this cargo!" He said an evil gleam igniting in his eyes.
"These are refugees, they're not even soldiers, we will let them go and leave this place at once! That is an order." Continuing to point her sword at the mage, she responded with seething rage.
"An order, an order?" The mage let out a sneering laugh at her. "You have no authority to order me anymore. Your task is done warrior, now stand aside and let me claim my victory!" With that he flicked a hand towards the nearest wagon and suddenly it burst into a torrent of flames. From inside could be heard the screams of women and children as the flames licked and climbed up the dry wood, consuming and devouring it like a gaping maw.
Upon hearing the horrific noise, something snapped inside Loreilei and with a scream of primal fury and rage, she lunged at the shocked and surprised mage, driving her sword deep into his gut.
Collapsing to the ground the mage let out a final moan of agony and yelled at the stunned troops watching to attack the traitor.
With one last twist of her sword in the mages gut, Loreilei withdrew it and turned towards her men, who now had their weapons drawn again and pointed at her.
"Salatharion?" She asked looking at her second.
"I am sorry, commander. We have no choice." he replied, sadness hanging heavy on his voice. For although he loved his commander and would have given his life a thousand times over for her in battle, he was loyal and obedient to the will of the Eternal City. With a final nod of regret he motioned to the other elves to attack.
Not wanting to kill men and women she had served years with, Loreilei chose instead to turn and bolt for the woods.
"Shall we follow her, sir?" One of the elves asked, watching Loreilei run off into the trees.
Salatharion shook his head, as his eyes tracked his friends progress into the distance. "No, let her go for now. She is a traitor to her people, she wont get far."
The other elf nodded and looked towards the remaining two wagons, panicked cries for help could be heard coming from inside them. "What of them, sir?"
"We have our orders, kill them all." He replied in a cold voice.
"He was slain by the hand of the very commander ordered to watch over him?" The High Magister asked, his voice deceptively calm, as a serpent coiling to strike, as he watched the elf before him from his seat.
"Yes, milord." Salatharion responded. "She struck him down when he began to carry out your orders."
"My brother was killed, by one of our own people, because she didn't want to see some human scum die?" The Magister replied, his voice becoming even more deadly calm.
"Yes, milord." Salatharion responded again, bowing low in fear of this mage's wrath.
Eyes betraying the fury building within him, the magister stood up and began pacing about. "So this traitor, this Loreilei, thinks humans are better then her own? She would sacrifice one of ours, my own brother, for them?" His voice growing louder with each word, the Magister walks over to a table of potions and begins sifting through.
Finding the one he wants, he lifts it up and begins chanting. Completing it he turns back to the terrified Salatharion standing before him. "So be it, then she shall feel what is to lose everything you hold dear. Being cast from her people is not enough, she must be cast out of her very race. She is not worthy to call herself Blood Elf. She is scum, a traitor. If she loves these humans so much, then she will spend the last of her days suffering as one!"
Salatharion lifts his head a moment and dares a question. "Milord?"
"Why it is simple, you fool. I have invoked a powerful curse upon her, one that will rip her soul from her very body and transport it into that of a human female. It will be exquisitely painful and when complete, she shall know what it means to lose everything one holds dear." The Magisters begins cackling at that.
Bowing one last time, Salatharion begins to inch from the room, but stops cold when the magister calls his name. "Milord?"
"On your way out, fetch that Orc, I forget his name, the big brute one, Nak something or another. Tell him I have a task for him, one that will see him well rewarded in both gold and blood."
Glancing at the bowing, departing elf, the Magister turns back towards his potions. "Now Loreilei's Path shall be set before her, let us see what becomes of her." He mutters letting out a cackle.
Hmmm hmmm hmmm... I like it Tal, Good lord. >.x' It's more creative than I've been in weeks.
Goodness. You may say you're throwing a lot of BS Tal, but you've got ideas. You've got ideas, creativity and you're having fun with it. Not to mention you're slowly fleshing out Tal as a character in-game as well. Before we know it, we'll be interweaving stories along with our battles.

To which then, we will have succeeded in adding in another RP-PvP into the player pool. Mwaha. *slowly steeples fingers together*

The Undercross Collective: We'll make an RP-PvPer out of you.
1. Awesome story. You have a talent for storytelling and a great imagination. Keep the creativity coming :)

2. You guys would look good in Horde colors...just sayin' :P
03/01/2013 04:46 PMPosted by Nakhu
2. You guys would look good in Horde colors...just sayin' :P

Aw thanks. I like to think that we fill a niche that isn't being represented enough on blue-side though.

We've got a spot with your name on it waiting right here just in case you ever decide to change your mind about being a dwarf.

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