[A-RPPvP] Undercross Collective Call to Arms!

Wyrmrest Accord
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So, I got glasses after needing them for over 20 years. My brain is in agony.
~Catches before it falls off the front page.~

Come on now!
I had to wear glasses my whole childhood due to a pigment mutation. I should be on later today still laying bed recovering from a music festavle I went to yesterday.
So yesterday I was at soundwave festival and was resting on a grass patch after watching slayer preform, when i spotted a guy in a poncho. At first i could only see him side on, until he turned to face my direction and sure enough his poncho had a picture of the Lich king on it. It was pretty funny and for the rest of the day he was dubbed 'Lich king guy'.
Pirate shany incoming! I thought this jolly tune up while we capped Kristoffe in 3's.

In a field of golden grass
I frolicked with a golden lass
Hand in hand we danced all day
While the birds sang and played
She smiled so shy and looked at me
give up your life on the high seas
I laughed so loud and grabbed her hand
kissed it softy and then I ran

Oh ho, my golden lass
A pirate I am, till the last.
On the seas and on the shores
Forever my heart belongs to yours
but stay I can't, leave I must
For a seamen's life is what I trust

Around in port, I still come
see my girl and drink some rum
On my lap she takes a seat
cooling me off in the summer heat
kiss on the lips and a wink in the eye
she leaves a seadog all tongue tied
Like a hook she baits me still
give up the seas and my free will

Oh ho, my golden lass
A pirate I am, till the last.
On the seas and on the shores
Forever my heart belongs to yours
but stay I can't, leave I must
For a seamen's life is what I trust

NOw those days are long and done
On the shores is where I run
Hand in hand with my golden lass
She tamed my wildness at the last
Never again, shall I set sail
In her arms will I sing my tale
So here I am, back at the start
with a golden lass who stole my heart

Oh ho, my golden lass
Yours I am till the last
On the seas and on the shores
Forever I am, always yours
But stay I will, never to leave
You're my golden lass and all I need
Clearly, Tal must have been a Pirate in a previous life.
Aye, that I was landlubber. Sailin' th' seven seas, on a fine scurvy dog o' war. Splicin' th' main brace 'n boardin' them Spanish galleons. A dashin' 'n witty scurvy pirate I was. th' lasses called me Charmin' Tal 'n th' lads just called me matey. It was a fine run till we got caught on a nor eastern 'n blown into th' reefs 'o Santo Damin'o. Me ship, th' Golden Lass, named after me true lust, she flundered thar upon th' rocks 'n me heart sank wit' her. Thus ended th' days 'o th' dread scurvy pirate Charmin' Tal.

Some even whisper that to this day, his ghost still haunts the reefs, forever restless until he can be reunited with his Golden Lass upon the shores.
Hell has no fury that would keep me from saving you.

So after being informed last night that Jenessa is now 46, I am going to have to figure out when your main playing times are so that we can hook up for some war-yar-ring. The horde can expect huge cleavage, mad rage, overpowering sexiness, wit so sharp it executes them and a second wind that would make a group of rednecks eating beans around the campfire jealous.

Don't even get me started about when we get dragon roar. We'll be up all in the BG's like- "Hey horde, guess what?" *dragon roar* "We're !@#$in' dragons! rawrble rawrble rawrble"
Im going to be honor grinding isle of conquest all day Tuesday, I would like to get a group together to make it less painful. We could do the whole vent thing and maby have a sing-a-long.
Im exited today..
Ack, warrior nerfs... ; ;
rogues...rogues everywhere.
I've done a lot of wpvp in the new zone, its fun, unfortunately i die a lot. Makes questing a lot more enjoyable.
*shuriken toss, shuriken toss, shuriken toss, shuriken toss, smoke bomb, shuriken toss, shuriken toss...JimBob eats the rogue* Repeat every BG.

Rogues man, rogues...
Faerie Fire.
*Puts it back on the top.* How did this fall off to the second page? ; ;
The forums are moving quick today! Just a few things to note:

  • We will be running battleground groups this weekend (likely during our member peak time, meaning evenings) to help gear up for the upcoming season and we'd love to have company should spots be available.

  • A belated welcome to Soulweaver who joined our ranks not too long ago, and to Lore's A-side warrior who will one day run around with the rest of us!

  • Most of the folks in the Undercross are armsmen, but we could definitely do with a couple medics. It's a tough job taking care of everyone, but these guys will watch your back and take care of you if you take care of them!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMFOVSWn0mI

    I just COMPLETED YOUR LIFE with this link.
    Thanks for the party in org. I got to oblit people in the face. Was a good time.

    10/10 would go again.
    On behalf of all squads present- Lion's 1-2, Cross 1-2 and Tango's 1-4, we tip our wings in salute and shall fly the missing man formation home.


    "Please use proper radio procedure, Tango one."

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