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I've recently created a Troll for the purposes of RP. I'm working on filling out my MRP and getting the feel for the character's attitude, dialect, nuances of behavior etc. Anyways, I've decided to role-play him has an Amani. One of the things I'm wondering that I can't seem to find is average Troll lifespan. How long do our tusked friends live generally? What's the ratio between Troll years and Human years (or at least, what would guess if you had to put a number on it)?

Thanks in advance.

Jungle troll 17 30 47 69 70-79

It's the RPG, yes, but it's still a good basis.

This is, of course, strictly concerning trolls living in more hostile environments where living to such an age would be considered astounding and less concerning trolls who live in more agreeable areas. But, yes, this would be a rough approximation of how long a troll could live for under normal circumstances - especially for an Amani.

And you can have Amani fall under the age chart for that even though it says Jungle Troll.
Trolls have been known to be granted immortality by the Loa they serve, but the age chart seems about right considering what we know about biology, assuming the same mechanisms occur in Warcraft as they do in the real world.

I'll explain further when I have access to a computer.


Trolls are known for their extraordinary regenerative powers. The ability to regenerate cells at an accelerated rate seems to be quite a natural process, with the degrees and rates of regeneration based on how in tune the Troll is with the Loa. A cursed Troll will find his ability to regenerate impeded completely, while a blessed one can pull a Wolverine and be brought back when most of his or her body has been destroyed or damaged.

This leads us to assume that their metabolisms are able to run at a much higher rate than those of humans. Part of what determines an individual's metabolic rate is the rate at which they can replicate cells and maintain cellular structures. This inevitably leads to looking at the functions of cell reproduction, and with that, we learn a great many things.

In the final stages of mitosis, nuclear DNA is tightly wound up with various proteins into structures called chromosomes. At the ends of these chromosomes are structures of protein called telomeres, which essentially serve as protective "caps" to prevent damage and degradation to the DNA in the chromosome. However, as cells reproduce throughout an individual's life, these caps get worn down over time, exposing genetic material to outside harm, which leads to diseases commonly seen in old age. Older individuals are much more susceptible to various cancers, which involves mutations in the genetic code, and they lack the ability to fight off such cancers because their cellular reproductive cycles have become less efficient over time.

These telomeres are essentially biological time bombs. Once the structure of the telomere breaks down, you're living on borrowed time. Because Trolls replicate cells at a much higher rate than humans (assuming WoW humans and RL humans are fairly similar), they tend to wear down their telomeres at a much higher rate, and therefore, tend to die sooner.

This is essentially my own theory on the mechanisms of Troll aging. Countless things can throw all this out the window. Do Trolls even use carbon based DNA? Are we considering environmental factors, or the maximum age the body will allow (remember, for most of human history, people died in their 20s)? Am I even understanding the biological functions correctly? I've only taken a handful of molecular biology courses, so my knowledge might be limited.

Feel free to think of this as fanon.
Thanks for the enlightening posts.

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