20-24 exp off problems.

I know that some people look down on the 24 exp off thinks as if they do it to have power over the f2p. I was in the 20-24 bracket before f2p it is a great bracket and I want to know if we good switch it so that we could play against other 24s instead of the f2p nothing against them it just seems boring playing against them me and my friends group up and when we get grounded against other 24s it makes it a lot more enjoyable. But when we get grouped with all 20 f2p the game is boring just today I took them all most 8 people to take me down and I have to say it was sad because I didn't think it was fun and I could see how boring it could be for them.Also to improve the 20-24 exp off maybe make 24s there own bracket or move p2p vs p2p instead of f2p vs p2p not that the f2p players are bad I have seen some that give me a fighting just seems that if you split it up the bracket would be harder and more fun.Also nerf rouges stuns I honest can't play when there are like 5 rouges on me doing nature lock you should have it once nature locked have some type of way of not getting locked from another for like a second period or two. Please split the p2p and the f2p it's making the 20-24 bracket boring and unbalanced.
I was in the 20-24 bracket before f2p.

Stopped reading here.

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