Minor gear question for PvP Fury Warrior

What's better for a Fury warrior wielding dual 1H axes at level 70-79 for PvP?

Guardian's Plate Armor (Belt+Bracers+Boots):
71 Stamina
48 Strength
77 PvP Resilience (0.19%)
83 Crit (0.14%)

Guardian's Scale Armor (Belt+Bracers+Boots):
104 Stamina
59 Strength
80 PvP Resilience (0.2%)
59 Crit (0.1%)

I know that the two primary stats for warriors is generally Strength and Stamina, which the scale armor supersedes plate in. But plate has more crit strike rating, which I heard is very important for Fury warriors because it increases the uptime of Enrage. So which set should I choose?
The Second, you will have your 100% enrage uptime, and still would be able to crit like a boss

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