How to fix low level heals OPness

I'm going to get straight to the point here.

Priest= No flash heal until lvl 30, Regular heal instead, or increase flash heal's mana cost, and decrease it again with a passive unlocked at level 30

Druid= Increase Rejuvenation mana cost until level 30, where you will get a passive to decrease it. OR remove rejuvenation until level 30 and just leave Nourish

Shaman= Healing Surge unlocks at level 30, regular healing wave, OR increase HS mana cost until level 30.

Monk= Not as OP as the others, but increase mana cost, or remove the Instant heal(while channeling, can't remember the name) until level 23~

Paladin= Increase Flash of Light mana cost, or casting time.

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I don't forsee these changes making low level healing in dungeons a nightmare whatsoever.
level faster maybe?
The good thing about those brackets is that you can probably kill them within the duration of a HoJ with a few angry players on them.

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