Hooray for Evil - LF few good peeps

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Oh Harro!
We are a mature group of players looking for raid ready healer and a few good DPS.
We would expect you to have all raid required addons, Ventrilo/Mic - communicate during fights, know your class well, 100% attendance is a must since we only raid 2 nights a week, good raid awareness, and research fights before hand.
Also, you must have a good attitude and sense of humor!

We raid: Tues. / Thurs. 7:30-11pm EST
Current progression: 11/12

We are looking for
~Healer/ off spec DPS - Pally, Druid or Monk
~Mage or Boomkin
~casual players are always welcome!!

If you're interested you can apply at: Hoorayforevil.guildportal.com
~Halfstoned - halfstoned#1368
~klubfoot - spyderguy0#1201
~Fizixx - Zulie#1134

Thanks ♡
Batman fell apart so if y'all need me I can do 2 nights a week and I promise to be on my best behavior if not I'll probably just go back into hyper-sleep with my fishing pole.
Woot! Someone come and tank with me!

Klub, hows it going man? and how is dk tanking I heard it was pretty awesome and turns out high dps.
O hai
Hai <3
wahts a bump
Give me some peppy mane
I'm gunna pop some tags only got 20$ in my pockeet.
caught Lugia in pokemon the other day feel like a true pokemon trainer.
Propane and propane accessories
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You said what what in the bump what what in the bump

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