Hooray for Evil - LF few good peeps

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Zug zug!!
I have stumbled across your forum post and have been very interested. I have this paladin that I am gearing up for 5.2. It has been my main since wrath and I am finally coming back now that college classes have died down. Thanks for the consideration and the time. have a great week.
good morning
dude, so trippy man!
Still looking, hit us up!
And its Mane pronounced like the state "Maine" one of my favorite rappers say it, Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia
If you join <Hooray For Evil>, you get access to the member forums. In those forums you will find a picture of a shirtless Sotrippymane. You know you want to see him in all of his glory.
Are you still recruiting dps classes?
Yes we are, we do have a solid hunter though but will consider all decent dps.

and Trippy, Juicy J is a Tony Montana want to be :p

I can also vouch that you will get access to the picture ;)
See my eczema nipples.
Posses you with one dose.
Scarlet Begonias.
I ain't never been right as I ain't never been wrong.

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