[H]Síor 4/12 2day/wk LF Holy Pally

Síor is a 10 man raiding guild looking for a holy pally for 5.2 and beyond.

6/6HM MV
3/6HM HoF
4/4 ToES

4/12 ToT

Raid Times are Wednesday and Thursday 6-9PST.

We provide our raiders with all consumables, enchants, gems and repairs for raids. All we ask of you is to show up on time and ready to go for raid. with such a limited schedule we don't have a lot of time to waste. If you want to be part of a guild with a light schedule that kills bosses you can contact me in game on Comatos/Comatosis or add my battletag Comatosis#1754. You can also find more info and apply at sior.wowstead.com
I would like a chicken to dance with.
A balance druid has to be out there somewhere.
Bump for our first time trying the new raid later this evening!
Need a recruit ASAP
Coma fails to mention we're also looking for a holy paladin.

Need some people.
To the top.
Need a good holy pally still.
Kriegarr is a !@#$%^-*er.
So butt licker is filtered? Okay.
Your face is filtered.

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