Protection Nub PvPing ...Survival is Insane!

So I was told only nubs PvP as protection, but as I was sick of Retrobution I went back to Protection on random BGs. It seems that the survivability is insane on random BGs. As flag-holder I don't even need a pocket heals to cap. My damage is only slightly subpar but my shield hits at 20k and with divine purpose i hit 2 or 3 sometimes 4 or 5 times back to back. enough to support the heavy hitters and with way more survivability I can run through 4-5 enemies no problem. I don't know.... but I'm liking PvP as protection. Anyone else?

Nub out >.>
SotR is a terrible HP sink which generates low damage in PvP. Try ditching it completely and spamming single-HP Word of Glory glyphed with Harsh Words. This is intended to be used with Divine Purpose, but if you really want the burst you could take Holy Avenger.

Double-tap these macros:
/castsequence Judgment, Word of Glory
/castsequence Crusader Strike (or HotR), Word of Glory
/castsequence Avenger's Shield, Word of Glory (works with Grand Crusader procs)

The AS macro will of course get hung up on WoG without a GC proc, but it will immediately reset when you use Judgment or CS/HotR. Spamming 1-HP constantly will proc Divine Purpose somewhat frequently, which equals 3-HP Harsh Words. RNG will give you the occasional dry spell on Divine Purpose but also the occasional burst when you get 2 or 3 in a row. Unless you have an RBG team depending on you to survive as flag carrier, you don't need the mitigation from SotR nor the self-heals from WoG. You can heal yourself just fine with Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield, and Holy Prism. Of course, you still have the option to spend your Divine Purpose procs on WoG heals if you prefer. This places Harsh Words damage right behind your Avenger's Shield a lot of the time.

If you really want to troll people by being a bad, try these keybinds:

Interact with Target -> Mouse-wheel Down

Action Button with combined CS/Judgment macro -> Mouse-wheel Up
(/castsequence Judgment, Word of Glory, Crusader Strike, Word of Glory)

Move Forward -> Middle Mouse (using your mouse-wheel as a clickable button)

Hold down your mouse-wheel click while rolling the wheel up and down quickly. You will automatically chase down your target while running back and forth through them and spamming the core of your rotation. Insert Avenger's Shield, Holy Wrath, Holy Prism, Consecration, and Divine Purpose Harsh Words while Judgment/CS is on cooldown. Uber-baddie and trolly and I love it.
Divine Providence doesn't have a flat 25% chance to activate, it only does on abilities used at 3 holy power. Blizzard changed it when Holy Paladins used to spam single HoPo WoG to proc DP.
Thanks for bringing that up. I find that spamming the single HoPo makes the rotation a bit smoother (auto-pilot really) and makes Divine Purpose procs more satisfying knowing you got it from an 8% chance, and I'll admit that I superstitiously feel as though it activates more often. Whether you land a proc on an 8% chance or a 25% chance though, subsequent procs will all have a 25% chance if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore it sucks to die knowing you had 3-5 HoPo banked instead of 1. Since you brought it up, I'm going to remove WoG from CS and AS so that it's only cast with Judgment and see how that feels.
I agree with all that is said above... and my strategy as of lately (which may be weak) is basically soak up damage while the rest of the team does the real damage. I constantly find 3, 4, sometimes half the team trying to knock me down with no success. So as I distract the nubs trying to kill me, the rest of the team is able to do the real damage or winning. Again, this may be a horrible strategy on rated battlegrounds and definitely would not work in arena, but for random battlegrounds.... it's kinda fun watching half the team trying to drop me with no luck.

also took harsh words.... gonna give it a spam button and see what happens :D

thanks guys
I realize no one here is likely to value what's said about random BG's, but I'm glad you brought it up so I can tell you my little anecdote. Last night I queued on my wife's Prot Pally for random and pulled Arathi Basin. I did 8.6m damage and was top damage including both factions for the entire BG. I also did 1.8m healing which was top healing with the exception of the actual healers. I didn't use SotR at all and used WoG exclusively for Harsh Words but still got that healing mostly from Seal of Insight. I thought the high damage may have been due to being alive more than anyone else, but in fact I was clearly being focused and had the most deaths at 8. I didn't have as many killing blows as the other strong DPS, but I also know some of them clinched my kills by bursting my target when it was at low health, which I believe was a good strategy. My final DPS averaged out around 15,500.

Here are the attack macros I used.

/castsequence Crusader Strike, Judgment
/cast Word of Glory
(also make a second one without the CS for when you just can't get into melee range)

/cast Avenger's Shield
/cast Word of Glory

/cast Holy Prism
/cast Word of Glory

/castsequence Holy Wrath, Consecration
/cast Word of Glory

The idea is you want to spend your HoPo as soon as you get it so that you can get to the next Divine Purpose faster. Yes, it's true that the single-HoPo only has an 8% chance to proc Divine Purpose, but you're really doing it to make Divine Purpose proc itself the moment it comes up because it has a higher chance to proc itself. You never know how many you're going to get consecutively so the limiting factor is just how quickly you can mash them out. Harsh Word will likely be your 1st or 2nd damage ability and will never consume any time in your rotation thanks to Guarded by the Light. Target melee as often as you can appropriately do so. Use all those attacks on cooldown and keep up Sacred Shield.
Thanks again guys.... Harsh Words is definitely the way to go. I still hit with Hammer vs. Crusader strike for the debuff (not sure if its more effective to debuff them or hit with Crusader Strike solely). I did drop SotR from the hot bar and my DPS now matches my Retrobution specs. I could just be a crappy retrobution player. However, I have noticed that Long arm of the Law and Burden of Guilt = very fun.
With hammer of the Righteous and Seal of Insight up + Multiple targets = more chances to proc so more healing. The best you can hope for is when some dumbass DK pops Army of LOL healing, and you can sit there casually cleave healing to full damn near on evry single swing.

Stupid bastards never seem to learn.

I have had this happen....

Gonna try and glyph Alabaster Shield instead of Harsh Words. Use Hammer for debuff and shield for single hits instead of CS. The SotR was hitting the same as Harsh Words (just isn't ranged). I like the survival of Eternal Flame too much. I spec'd about 60% resil and 30% power to see what happens. Also went back to Mastery stacking over Haste for the SotR/blocking buff. May suit me best since I'm a keyboard turning nub on a mac ;) ...I did have a 14 game win streak on Random Battlegrounds and I'd like to think I contribute more as Protection than a Retrobution.
Ok final note: SotR is worthless. Harsh words is a must and Focused Shield a great power shot. I took Sacred Shield for survival and I keep it up. I'm not top DPS but I rarely fall on the battlefield. Holy Avenger+Harsh Words is great burst along with Execution Sentence. I'm still enjoying Protection better than Retrobution in these random battlegrounds and with this new glyph/talents/specs I've won 5 matches in a row.

I think this is a viable option for random battlegrounds... thanks for feedback guys!

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