I understand you like the term "rotation.."

Death Knight
But please stop using it when it refers to Death Knights.
We don't have a rotation.
It's not possible for a class with a resource system like ours to have a rotation.
This goes for Warriors as well.

I understand more often than not people mean by "rotation" they mean how do i play dis class
But come on, it's not rocket science.
Hell, there's stickies you can even look at that'll tell you the exact freaking question.
Well, a dk's "rotation" is only what happens at the beginning of the fight.

1. if it's a raid boss, pop army
2. diseases
3. self buffs such as pillar for frost dks, bloodthirst for orc dks, etc.
4. ghoul
5. obliterate till out of runes
6. frost strike till no rp

That's pretty much my rotation as I'm a 2h frost orc dk. Everything else is priority such as keeping diseases up, obliterate when you get km procs if possible, but don't sit on them for more than a second, just use it on frost strike. HB when you get rime procs. etc, etc.
Its true, some classes have been on priority systems moreso rotations since wrath. There no need to be a mega douche about it though, people who are asking about their "rotation" are trying to improve their play and get the best out of their characters. Im sorry that offends you.
I understand you like to be pedantic, but you know what someones talking about when they say rotation. Yes we get it, its more a priority system, its more situational, etc but people are talking about what to use and when... you know this though, this thread is just trollbait.
^he got you to post

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