Action bar/macro for quest items?

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Jamba has this neat little bar that adds usable quest items automatically. I don't want to load all of Jamba just for that bar though. Is there a lightweight addon/macro that can do similar?

/target [@mouseover][]
/click WatchFrameItem1
/click WatchFrameItem2
/click WatchFrameItem3
/click WatchFrameItem4
/click WatchFrameItem5
/click WatchFrameItem6

The idea is you mouseover or target the guy you have to bandage and press the button this macro is on, and it does the thing to him. It has 1-6 because you might have multiple questy things.

I would expect there is a more elegant way to write this macro.


/click [mod:ctrl] [btn:3] WatchFrameItem3; [mod:shift] [btn:2] WatchFrameItem2; WatchFrameItem1 but that has mods in it, which I don't want.

But maybe one of the actually smart guys who frequents this forum can combine the two in some way.
Will this work if the quest isn't being tracked? My reason for wanting this is to disable the quest tracker.
Uhm, haven't tried it with no quest tracker
I like the macro solution in the first reply. It may work with the tracker disabled still so worth a try.

For another lightweight addon solution:

Make a macro:

/select type:Quest

and drag it to your bars, then you can use the macro to use the currently loaded quest item or right-click it to select a different quest item in your bags.
Personally, I keep one slot on my action bars open for just such items. I have that slot key bound to "shift + S", and any time I get an item that has to be used during a quest I drag it to that slot.

Of course, there are some quest items you just can't put on the action bars. Those items are the ones that you just mouse over something and the cursor turns into the "use me" gold cog.

Hey, it works well for me.
Yeah, I've done that before.

This macro though ... man. It just works. The first time I tried it out was doing Golden Lotus dailys. I flew in by a canon, pressed the button, and blam, dropped a bomb. Then I flew over to the dudes that needed bandages, and mouseover healed him.

It was pretty epic.

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