Free wow time?

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I am actually looking to see if I want to play before 5.2 comes out so I can be prepared but I am actually unsure of anyway to do this. I obviously stopped playing after the scroll of resurrection time so I am kinda torn. Any suggestions?
My best suggestion, buy a 30 day time code from the Blizzard store.
You can log into the "Account" section above to see if you qualify for any free trials, but beyond that, you'll have to pony up the $15.
Not sure of what you are asking... Do u want to know a way to play wow w/o having to pay for it? Or to try 5.2 for free?
I would like a free trial to see if I am interested in playing again to be prepared for 5.2 if I decide to play again. Free wow for 1 week or hell even 2 hours so I can decide if I want to play again before 5.2
U can start a new account for free, but u stopped playing only recently so there really is no way to use that account for free

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