Tomorrow I am leaving for America

Wyrmrest Accord
What's the first thing I should eat?
A burger!
As a fellow foreigner I can say that the burger is a good place to start. I think it was my first thing.
You should eat at a restraunt in the theme of the country you used to live in. It's the most American thing possible.
Depends. If you're going to be in the New England area? Get clam chowder. Burgers are always good though.
Just not McDonalds. I don't care how good it may have been in your country.
Also try Apple Pie
If you know what city you are in when you arrive or where you will be staying I might be able to recommended some really good restaurants :>
Barbequed ribs!
Eat some america.
cafe con leche
The most super special American food tradition. EAT ALL THE THINGS.

No really, have you seen our buffets
If you're going to NYC go to Brooklyn and get a real slice of Pizza. If you're not going to Chicago or NYC then don't bother flying all the way across the ocean to go the states ;)
It would really help to know WHERE in America you're gonna be. Some of us are gonna have unique recommendations based on location.

I'm from the California Bay Area, so I would push for some Zachary's Deep Dish, or maybe a local place like a Foster's Freeze I know of, maybe a small hole-in-the-wall Mexican place.
IF I recall correctly, you're Aussie?

Therefore, you have to eat at Outback Steakhouse and lie through your teeth about how LEGIT it is.
Damn have a nice flight, it's a long one! Where are you going in the States??

I'm in Australia atm, honestly the food here (Melbourne) is amazing. The only thing I could ever miss is NYC pizza, it's a different beast than a slice in most other places.

If you're doing multiple cities, definitely need try to the local favorite dishes. The USA is just too huge to generalize food recommendations.
An all you can eat pizza buffet. It's awesome.
Make yourself a FREEDOM sandwich with extra LIBERTY, JUSTICE,
If you're hitting the west coast, and most specifically Cali, you HAVE TO HIT UP AN IN-N-OUT.
Was in america last year.. Awesome place. If you are in downtown Chicago, go to the Gilt Bar and order their Truffle pasta.. Also give the roasted bone marrow and red onion jam a whirl. Messy, but good.

Also, I think there are some of these in a few states, Mccormick and schmick's - get the Lobster bisque.

If you find a Winberie's Restaurant and Bar.. Try the Kobe burger... Wagyū beef with truffle mayo etc etc.. good.

Just hunt around though, there is some good restaurant food in every state I went too.. Stay away from the fast food crap. Maccas there is just like Maccas here!

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