Clandestine <Horde guild>

W'at? Who told you? No, I don't know ta one arm'd bandit.
You can't very well turn them away now. They know about the group.
Or we could make t'em 'Disapear'.
No, no. This one looks to be of some use. There is a 'Spark' in him.
*Ottis rubs up against the stranger
So, no ax'in t'em?
No. Bring him into the fold.

T'is way.
W'at do ya mean w'ere? You're in Clandestine now. I'm tak'in ya ta meet ta high'r ups.
*Ottis hops off down the road
C'mon, can't let 'im get to far a'ead. He tends ta get inta trouble on his own.

Clandestine is a new guild on Ravenholdt that is growing quickly with lots of active players.
The majority of Clandestine are new players to WOW and transfers from other realms.
New WOW players can expect a fun and active social group of new and veteran members that are all willing and eager to help one and other out with anything. New transfers to Ravenholdt can find a welcoming group that will help them get their feet settled on their new server. Veterans of WOW and Ravenholdt can expect to find an active guild that is building something new from the ground up.
Currently the guild is building to start raiding very soon. There is also members of the group that wish to focus on PVP and would like to build a group based in that area. PVE is also extremely active and you will have no problem finding guildies to run through Azeroth with, or to assist you with anything you might need.
Currently RP does not exist in Clandestine, but I would like to change that in future. Currently there are no plans for this as a guild, but if I can get a faction of Clandestine to RP with a theme/goal I will post it here. Keep an eye out.

We do have a lot of fun, lots of chat, but we are also respectful of others and demand that all members respect each other and other players in Ravenholdt.
You will find the majority of players active in the evening and weekends.

If Clandestine sounds like it might be for you then please send myself (or my alts: Yurrie, Ulam and Luebella) a message. You can also contact the guild leaders Fantauristic, Alistor, Bickerin, Garshdurnit, Rahdonkulous, or any Clandestine member you come across for an invite.
Tell them Mockrabbit sent you!

Tell them what the new members get!
Right!, New memb'rs will recieve a fabulous Neatherweave Bag!
/Thows bag to recruit
Welcome ta t'a fold!
Good luck!

02/28/2013 08:12 AMPosted by Mockrabbit
Currently there are no plans for this as a guild, but if I can get a faction of Clandestine to RP with a theme/goal I will post it here.

Keep us posted on details!
Thanks. I'm still working on the idea/details for the RP side, and then I'll consult the guild leaders to see if they might be up for it. I'm more than willing to spear head it if approved.
02/28/2013 09:45 AMPosted by Mockrabbit
Thanks. I'm still working on the idea/details for the RP side, and then I'll consult the guild leaders to see if they might be up for it. I'm more than willing to spear head it if approved.

I love your initiative! Best of luck to you and be sure to let us know how we can help =)
Just an update:

Clandestine reached level 25 a few days ago. We are looking to have our first raid team to begin raiding Cata content soon (this week is the plan, but do to some unforeseen circumstances may not happen until next week) in order to get the group in line with each other, and to give players with no or little raiding experience a chance to get adjusted.

The Rp isn't happening yet. As far as I can tell there is not anyone else interested in it within the guild. Will update if/when this changes. It's fun to confuse guildies randomly breaking into character over guild chat.
Congratulations on reaching level 25, Mockrabbit! While it can be discouraging that the RP isn't happening quite yet, I would encourage you to keep trying. If nothing else, it will make your guild more RP-friendly for future members and that's always a good thing.
Attenion, ATTENTION!
They can hear you...
Clandestine 'as now form'd a solid base o'recruites. Now we need ta move ta phase two.
I thought this was going to be part of phase one.
It was, but due is now phase two.
Well then go on
Clandestine needs you, our loyal ranks, ta recuite more o'us. We cannot sta't ta begin raid'in t'a Mogu and Sha strong holds until we 'ave more o'you t'at want ta join us.
That's all well and good, but what about the Alliance?
We do w'at we a'ways 'ave done. If t'ey stick 'ere nose in our business, we cut it off. I guess we c'uld use some more recruites fir this too. Maybe even some t'at are want'in ta show our strength in t'a arenas.
You're calmer than usual? what gives?

Bad Gnome.
I truely enjoy your writings, please keep them coming. Could say the same about Krahmn's writing.

Goodluck with the guild.
G'day Clandestine. I come ta ya t'day wi't a r' warning?! T'at'll do.
Last even'in Ottis an' I went on a mission with our hunt'r operativer code nam'd 'Fool'. Our task was ta search t'a Serpent's Spine fir Alliance activity an' ta d'tere t'em from mov'in furth'r north on t'a wall.
Initial contact was a success. Fool an' I were able ta 'help' a couple o'ta Alliance find t'eir way off t'a wall an' in ta t'a wastes.
Just the presence o'Ottis was enough ta cause anoth'r two ta return ta t'eir tow'r, an' diswade anoth'r from land'in on t'a wall.
Beware the furry vengeance!
T'ats when t'ey show'd up....
They weren't aware of the furry vengeance.
Two humans. A warr'r an' a dirty mage.
Fool spott'd t'em first. Her an' her beast made first contact.
I follow'd shortly behind while Ottis ran north on t'a wall ta cov'r our rear at t'a next tow'r.
I should have stayed. I should know better than to leave you alone. You can barely speak.
We speak fine. In Brill t'ey nam'd me t'a battle rally champ o' t'a year!
That's because you created the contest and no one entered but you.....and the severed head you found and kept for some reason.
Yirock was a worthy challenge!!
Get back on track, your losing the recruits. See, your scaring them. One's even trying to leave the pub.
C'mon back in 'ere an' have a seat....or you'll be tr'in ta sign up bugs from t'a wastes.
T'ere we go, w'ere was I?
Charging at the humans.
Right, Fool hit t'a mage and I charg'd the warrior. T'a first couple o'seconds went as plann'd we hit t'em hard. T'ats when it happen'd. We took 'em fir grant'd. T'a mage froze my feet ta the floor an' t'en t'a warrior charg'd Fool, knock'in her off t'a side o' t'a wall. her beast soon follow'd.
T'a ice bind'in me ta t'a floor shatter'd as I forc'd my way free. I lept at t'a mage and start'd ta swing my blades as t'a warr'r rush'd over. I'm not sure w'at happen'd next but when I woke up I was in t'a wastes too wi't Fool rubb'in her head next ta me.
The warrior tripped you with his shield and right after the mage blasted you, sending you over the side of the wall. I seen you bounce off the wall a couple of times from the tower. The two Alliance kind of laughed. So did I.
........Anyway, we lat'r found out they were a arena' they 'ad done a lot worse ta oth'rs. As o' right now Fool is duel'in ta up her game so t'is doesnt happen again. I will be do'in t'a same an' request t'at oth'r Clandestine train up also. We can't be a force if we get walk'd on like t'at again.
By 'we' you mean you?
Next time take a parachute, bahahaha
.... much thanks. Enjoyed the read during some on the job down time...
Corpse Mock, I am here to report that our small faction has accepted your offer. As small force of 'sympathizers' has joined our cause. Countermine Clandestine has been established. We will continue to train our new recruits in the Alliance borders to assist you. Let it be know that our support will only be provided as long Clandestine is willing to work with us, and not against us. No unnecessary undertaking against Alliance endeavors and we will return the favor to you of the Horde.

With this our arrangement is complete Mockra.......why is your 'pet' gnawing on my hoof?
Death by bloody nibbles!
Cut it out, t'is is our ally. t'ere will be no infight'in in Clandestine. We work'd hard ta get them ta work wi't us and get t'ere small band taget'r. don't ruin it.
But, my furry vengeance!
Not ta'day....well maybe we could find a stray gnome...
Better not, the Death Knight is backign away with a hand on his blade.
ssshhhhh.....I 'ave this. Just control yirself.
Perhaps next we meet we each bring another to 'observe' the conversation. Or even I could meet with another of our group. It would be beneficial to know who else I might be able to converse with in case something should ever happen to you or your 'pet'.

I shall depart and inform our recruits in Storm Wind that we are working together.

One other thing Forsaken, stay away from the 'stray' gnomes. You wouldn't want to be mistaken for a 'stray scourge' now would you?

Until next we meet.
G'day, here is a Clandestine update:

Enrollment has been on a slow and steady increase, many new transfers and a few returning players (back as far as BC) have joined us. We have seen a drop off in activity over the last month which an be expected because of the nice weather most of us have.

We are still working on building a core raid group, but it is slowly coming together. PVP tends to be WPVP and Battlegrounds more often then not, but we may have a some interest in starting an Arena team.

Some Guild achieves over the lat month coming from Legendary drops (I finally have a set of War Glaives, captured my second last night), and thanks to our OCD Bodagget/Cuppiecake we have our first Critter Killer achieve (She basically completed the 50,000 kills by herself when she decided she wanted the Armadillo pet).

Our Guild leaders have been offline since just after the formation of the guild, and there has been no new info from them to the officers or guild members (I know why they have been off line and inactive, but its has been weeks since the last update). I have noticed our Guild leader in now Rahdonkulous and Alistor, the former guild master, has been demoted to officer, so there has been a change in command. Hopefully we will see them active again soon.

Now I do have some RP news:
After talking to one of our most active members I discovered that we have a hardcore RP player in guild. The player is looking at leaving to another server for various reasons later in the year, but RP play has been one of those reasons. We had a discussion and it appears we will be giving RP in Clandestine another push. We will be checking the guild again to see who may be interested and go from there. If anything we will simply start working more RP angles or scheduled days for activity, and take part in scheduled Horde RP activity. I will keep this updated.
Mockrabbit, I love your RP personality here on the forums, and I am excited to see what you and your guild bring to the RP landscape in game. Let me know if you ever need a Gnomish antagonist! (But please, don't let me end up in a cookie.)

All the best!
Mockrabbit, I love your RP personality here on the forums, and I am excited to see what you and your guild bring to the RP landscape in game. Let me know if you ever need a Gnomish antagonist! (But please, don't let me end up in a cookie.)

All the best!

Mhmmm Gnomi Cookies....
Mhmmm Gnomi Cookies....

Horrendous! Who is this vile Marthastewart? Is he soloable or should I set about gathering a raid group?
Mockrabbit, I love your RP personality here on the forums, and I am excited to see what you and your guild bring to the RP landscape in game. Let me know if you ever need a Gnomish antagonist! (But please, don't let me end up in a cookie.)

All the best!

Thank you Flitin. It is discouraging but I feel the guild will remain RP free. It is a great community we have, lots of fun in chat, instances, and PVP but the spark or RP still doesn't seem to be there. Like I said going to try for a second push. If not I will devote more personal time to RP with our other member(s) that do RP. (I finally created an account on the sanctum)

I have been thinking about an Gnome antagonist for a bit now. I will keep you in mind.

Mhmmm Gnomi Cookies....

Horrendous! Who is this vile Marthastewart? Is he soloable or should I set about gathering a raid group?

You ar' not prepar'd gnome. You must first pass my blades and t'a rage o'Ottis!
He can almost look you in the face. Beware the bloody nibbles!

As of right now it remains Clandestine will not be an RP guild, however there are those of in guild that will be looking for RP interaction, so if anyone is looking for some Blood Elfs, a few Forsaken and even a Panda for some RP let us know!
We will be trying to take part in the weekly Horde side events.
- On a personal note I do try to make it to them, it's just my work and time zone makes it difficult for me to make it to the events. I am trying though.-

In Raid news:
We are running older content for anyone that is interested. This is mostly escort missions for players that have not run content yet. or looking for Transmogs or at level loot. We have been unable to get a group together for Current Raid content as of yet. Clandestine is currently recruiting ALL RAID ROLES at this moment, and we are willing to work with any experience level as we have a lot of new players in guild who have never been on a raid before. We are paitient and will help out in every-way we can.
We are also open to working with existing raid teams that may have an opening (even if it is just a one off shot).
I hav'nt seen t'em in months. Our op'rations are in disarray. T'ere have been no reports nor ord'rs. T'a few o'us t'at are tak'in part in w'at operations I can provide fir t'em are gett'in uneasy.
Maybe the others have been uncovered and captured, or worse.
I....I don't follow...
I don't see a problem w'it it.
The living might.
Always have somet'in ta howl about don't t'ey.
Never mind......what's your plan?
Shasgwantian, Bodagget an I have consult'd ta few o'us t'at we can find. We are agreed t'at we will take who we can an get out o'Clandestine before we all 'vanish'.
That's it then? you'll all go into hiding and hope not to befall the same fate of the Clandestine's leaders and operatives? Sounds like a gnome took your spine.
Ta't only happen'd once.
You looked like a bellow bag. I enjoyed it.
T'ey could almost look me in the socket t'en. But enough o't'at. We will not just ' hide'. We have decid'd t'at in ord'r ta keep up our op'rations, an root out those responsible fir Clandestine's miss'in memb'rs , t'at we would disguise our selfs as a support group wi't a mental illness.
.......was....was that your idea or did were the others maybe suggesting something to you?
No-no, we took a vote. We will mascarade as a group fir those wi't 'rgase-oh-phob-e-ah.
T'at's w'at I said.
So a fear of work, and you'll be working harder than ever to get operations back on their feet as well as investigate The missing members of Clandestine. I guess you could say that name doesn't really 'work'.....I don't have sun goggles for this....
It works perfectly. T'ose t'at where tak'in out ta Clandestine will see us an t'ink ta t'em selves "Oh t'ey are terrifi'd o'work. T'ey will 'ave giv'n up on t'ere op'rations an we can stop hunt'in t'em".
It's perfect!

((Clandestine's GM and GM second in command have not been active in guild since February, except for a couple of very short log ins to check the guild bank. Even though Clandestine had 180 members only 8-12 of them have ever been active with the majority not logging in since the guild was founded. We tried to make a go of it anyway, but were unable to do much with our small active members. Only one officer is active (myself), and the guild veterans guild privileges were stripped (I was never told why by the GM's, they logged in for a minute one day and removed the small amount of power they had) which obviously brought up a lot of complaints and concerns from our active members.
I have been unable to to get a response from the GM's (well they are almost never around :P) so we decided it was time to go our own way. We took the active members that wished to join us and formed Ergasiophobia.
We are recruiting, but slowly, we don't want to be a passive hold home for alts that are rarely used. We are in Ergasiophobia to become an active Raid and PVE guild. We still have the same great people and attitude, but focused on content. PVP will still be here (PVP on a PVP server) but will not be the core interest of the guild. We have already acquired a few active members and will be doing another recruiting soon.

As for Clandestine, I am not sure what will happen. If Any of you are there and reading this I wish you all the best. Even if inactive, the guild was fun and the people there were great. All the best to you.))

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