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I got a lot of great feedback about last nights stream. One of the things that was brought up quite a bit though was the potential for a dueling tournament. Well, Hebro, Gilerl, Snowvacka and I have bounced some ideas back and forth and after many heated debates, tears and a few hugs we think we may have come up with something. Now, these rules may be subject to change.

The entirety of this tournament will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/iconikk. Make sure you tune in. We'll have various Emerald Dream and possibly other notable personalities on our Skype call to entertain the masses!

We'll do a 2v2 Arena Wargame. I will be on one team in order to stream it and Hebro on the other to commentate. We plan on treating the duels like a WWE fight with over the top intro music for the fights and commentating. It should be a lot of fun, but the prizes may get quite lucrative. Depending upon the interest and how many people join up, the gold pot could get quite high. If you would like to just donate to the gold pool, you are more than welcome to do so in order to sweeten the pot.

That being said, if you would like to donate any kind of vanity item, pet, mount or World of Warcraft Trading Card game items, or even game time...we would welcome this as well to really sweeten the pot!

We're also in the process of getting a hold of Curse, MMO-Champion and some other sites (sites I've worked with that have sponsored prizes for LANs I've attended) for additional prizes. This could even include Steam codes for games up to a certain amount.

We've also thrown in the idea of getting a hold of some "famous" streamers that may be able to dedicate their time to the effort and cross-realm in for a guest celebrity appearance.

When: March 8th. If the patch for some reason does not drop then we'll have to move it forward. Please look for forum announcements if this were to happen.

Time: 8 SERVER TIME. This tournament will run until it ends. If for some reason it runs into Saturday the tournament will commence and be streamed again at 8 SERVER TIME.


After some heated debate, these are the rules that we have come up with.

1. All duels will take place in Nagrand Arena for the first round. The loser of Round 1 will then decide the arena for Round 2. Same goes for Round 3. We're hoping this adds a strategic dynamic to the fights.

2. The finals will take place in Tol'Vir arena and will be a Best of 5.

3. No Prot/Tank or Healing specs allowed. This is in order to keep the fights action-packed.

4. There are no gear restrictions at all.

Rogue Duel Rules

If there is a situation where two rogues go face to face in a duel, the fight will employ the following ruleset:

1. The rogues will trade openers for Rounds 1 and 2.
2. We will flip a Titanium Seal of Dalaran to decide who gets the opener on Round 1.
3. Round 3 will be no stealth until first contact. Both rogues will be unstealthed until contact is made and both are put into battle at which point the fight will commence as normal and rogues can employ what tactics they deem suitable to win the beatdown.



1st Place: 50% of the pool
2nd Place: 20% of the pool
3rd Place: 10% of the pool

We may be getting some in game items, game codes, game time, mounts, pets or other vanity items in order for the pot to be sweetened. If we get these items, we will decide who gets what.

All gold donations outside of the entry fees can be mailed to Hebro or Iconik. You can throw your tournament organizers a tip as well :)

All in-game item prizes that are donated (mounts, vanity, etc) can be mailed to either Hebro or Iconik.

We're currently e-mailing various websites for possible prize donations. Please spread the word on this tourney to as many people as you can. It's Emerald Dream (hoo rah) centric, but this could garner some big attention from other realms with your help!

Oh yeah. Emerald Dream is an RP community and we all know how important it is to the culture of the server. That being said, we're going to be holding a huge party on the nights of this tournament at World's End Tavern in Shattrath. Put on your best duds and get your dance and drink on! Music will be provided! There may or may not be a bookie on site for some friendly wagering (hehe).

If you would like to join The Emerald Dream Beatdown, please post in this thread and send me or Hebro an in-game mail with your entry fee. Alliance members that join will be given instructions on what to do for their entry fee.

EDIT: ALL ALLIANCE SIDE ENTRY FEES SHOULD BE MAILED TO ELLURA. Please mail her the name of the character you plan on having enter as well as the 1k gold.

EDIT: I forgot about the entry fee. Kind of an important aspect of this. The entry fee is 1000 gold! Sorry about that guys.
I predict Arms and BM.
I'm guessing 20% goes to the House? Vegas isn't that greedy.

You should go Goblin Iconikz.....


1st Place: 50% of the pool
2nd Place: 20% of the pool
3rd Place: 10% of the pool

I'm guessing 20% goes to the House? Vegas isn't that greedy.


To be split up among the various people helping out with this. It's certainly not just the two of us. The help is cross-faction. I plan on giving away a majority of my portion to any one that would like to help out with organizing this or to anyone that wants to help organize the World's End Tavern portion of the event.

03/01/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Xeloda
You should go Goblin Iconikz.....

Were you naysayers intending on writing the emails to mmo champ, reckful and other top streamers?

Were you guys going to spen your own money on the faction transfer to get the money to horde or alliance?

Were you guys intending on spending the hours necessary writing brackets, publicizing and then commentating on the matches?

No? Hmm. Then I don't think a 20% rake is hat big of a deal
I will take on the masses of warriors and hunters.

Perhaps Hectic as well.
No? Hmm. Then I don't think a 20% rake is hat big of a deal


I'll spot a lil bit of cash.

Its always good to foster this kind of growth on this server.

I'm a donater to Tiny (oqueue addon developer) and wowpublicvent.org (look up Rathamus)
on an infrequent basis since those communities are EFFIN sweet.

I'll throw down 15bux. Where ?
<3. Talk to Iconik or I (Hebro) ingame
Ducksauce made me come here.
03/01/2013 10:54 AMPosted by Darot
Ducksauce made me come here.

Haha. Awesome! Thanks for coming by. Make sure to tune in. It should be a blast.
I'm in. Hope you guys have read up on Monks,Dks and Rogues for 5.2 though. :P
I'm in.
1) I'm unhappy with your choice of flag color last night, Iconik

2) Consider me signed up for this tourney of yours
I'll come! Put me against someone good first round please so I can hang out and goof off in chat stream :P
Entry Fee is apparently not listed.

There is a 1k entry fee.
1) I'm unhappy with your choice of flag color last night, Iconik

2) Consider me signed up for this tourney of yours

Yeah that was the end of the night. I was almost falling asleep on stream haha.
A couple things to note:

1. Entry fee is 1k.
2. All donations made to the tournament will go DIRECTLY TO THE PRIZE POOL (IE the house will not take a 20% rake) We hope that people will donate to Iconik's stream (and to the rest of us as well :P ) separately.
3. Now a CASH PRIZE for fist place of 15.00 USD!
03/01/2013 11:39 AMPosted by Helliondrop
fist place

was this intentional...

or are we thinking of Fisting jokes ?
I shall partake in this merry attraction.

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