Emerald Dream
Your mog has been challenged.
Not a fan of the helmet, but the rest is top notch.
((You look like an evil Herod.
I like it though, verry nice
Mine next.
I like it, but it's hard getting past the helmet and the whole 'human male' thing.
I could change the helmet to the Helm of Might
03/01/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Delilah
Mine next.

I like it, but hair seems to get in the way for me. I'd need to see it up close to really get a good look at it.
Nice mog OP there may be a helm that would complete the set better but as far as challenging Charax I like the dark much better I dont get the hoopla surounding his mog.
If we are challanging mog then i would like to put my dk up...unfortunatly my cape doesnt show up on the armory viewer and it is the piece that holds the set together :s
@ Ravz, nice xmog!!

and bienafoi, wow that looks awesome!
I demand a comment from Charax
Beinafoi upstages them all.
Can my pally also apply? please note that in game the mace glows yellow and you cant see the red(and it doesnt show enchents, bonus :3)
and my warrior, i like the blood knight wana be look on her.
Ty for the reviews <3 appriciette them makes the amount of farming for my battle bikinis all worth it (its alot of time @_@),

now lets hope to get a response from Charax for Mavz's warrior.
Still waiting.
03/01/2013 11:24 AMPosted by Ravz
could change the helmet

There are a dozen and one alternatives for a war rocking that set. Go to http://www.icy-veins.com/transmogrification-warrior-plate-head-item-model-list-wow. The set looks very good except my war that im about to bring over looks better :),
Ossus is ugly.
I like my Draenei's mog. I think it's very woodsy/down to earth. And it's not revealing either!

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