(A) <HAx10> is recruiting (WPvP/PvP)

Bleeding Hollow
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<HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA> is now recruiting all avid PvPers. We are a recent transfer, from Frostmane, and are looking to fill out our ranks. Level 25, 7 tabs, blah blah.

Tired of turning to /2 for an arena or RBG team?
Want to help regain some server balance in WPvP?
Tired of getting drooled on by a flock of <IWC> when you try to knock out you dailies?

Promotions, guild repairs and increased levels of responsibility for active and dedicated members. Alts are welcome as well.

What sets <HAx10> apart from other WPvP oriented Alliance guilds?
Our core members have been playing together for years and have great synergy.
Our leadership has led numerous; large scale PvP battles as well as successful guilds.
We are willing to work with other faction members, not against them.
We are out there, earning our stripes, daily.

Contact Orion, Lovely, Melonsoda, Holyhell, Elis, Sassiness, or Vass for invite.
Also, I'm looking for an alliance on the Alliance (WPvP/PvP). Intrested GMs can contact me in game or here, on this thread.
You seem like my type. Sinistrari #1839
Request sent, thanks Puddin!
02/22/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Project

WTF well look who's back
02/22/2013 10:12 AMPosted by Eli

WTF well look who's back

hey honey!
Can we keep him, can we keep him :D
>Be in a raid with IWC
>Raid SW
>Battle be heavily lop sided
>80 glorious virgin horde vs ~25 broke back alliance
>MFW IWC lost their !@#$ and act as if they had a one night stand with Scarlett Johansson
>MFW I see on the forums of the amazing victory they have achieved
>Pray to Talos that more alliance comes to this realm.
Hi sainius :3
LFM avid PvPers!
Bump for a new beginning.
02/23/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Orion

That'll do it.
oh god, I was on frostmane alliance back during wrath and cata, going to be weird to see you guys.

Your guild is nothing anymore if amy is gone though.
The notorious Amygrant was my guru.
bump for the rebirth of HAx10
Bump for breaking 20k (combined) Pandarian HKs with me today!

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