(A) <HAx10> is recruiting (WPvP/PvP)

Bleeding Hollow
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Sunday Funday! HMU for a ginvite :)
02/23/2013 07:50 PMPosted by Orion
Bump for breaking 20k (combined) Pandarian HKs with me today!

hey. i sent you a whisper in-game regarding your comment about a guild alliance. send me a message in game if you wanna talk about it.
Will do, Braiss. Sorry I missed your whisper, was getting spammed by an upset DK.
Saw a couple of you guys wrecking horde around vale.... Was nice, I'll help out next time.
Always a great time ganking there with the crew, hmu anytime Myrvex!
HAx10 and 929 have started the WPvP alliance, on the Alliance. Very excited about the possibilities!

Interested GMs are urged to contact Braiss or myself for additional info.

In short, you keep your individual guild but join forces with other guilds for WPvP.
LF You! Contact Holyhell, Lovely, Melonsoda, Monkamania, or myself for ginvite.
Gooooooooood morning, Vietnam!
Ida bumped ya, but you beat me to it.

Nice to meet you in chat this weekend.

I'll add ya tonight, always looking for WPVP, if you are interested whisper me tonight and i'll give ya my battletag, or you can add me by name.
02/25/2013 08:10 AMPosted by Project
I'm just a PvE peon.
02/25/2013 09:47 AMPosted by Orion
02/25/2013 11:25 AMPosted by Holyhell

dem yell macros
02/25/2013 12:36 PMPosted by Ovi

dem yell macros

the battle cries of Alliance champions.
Ran into a few of you guys just a couple days ago around the lake area in the vale, was some mad fun PvP! ;)

Also Frostmane, my old OLD server. I remember Grovestreet, Kinetic, Warfront, and Amygrant. I'm seeing alot of people (especially Alliance side) xfering off, is Frostmane dead now?

Regardless, bump for a guild that is trying to get Alliance back out into WPvP.

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