I smell video's on the horizon...

I am the worst video compiler ever. Likely, my recording settings are not even optimal.

But I have been recording a bit. So you hate gankers do you? A guild of them is no better I would imagine. How you would like to see what you hate? Yep, hitting farmers and questers with mobs on them. Stopping for lowbies and chopping up corpses. All caught on tape.... errr digitally anyway.

My machine is having a terrible time decoding this stuff. I have some limited footage now but ill see about having something up by this weekends end, hopefully. Normally one would have something to produce before making such a claim. But I wanna hear from you, the people, about ganking vids and your thoughts.

GingerTube coming soon....
Look forward to it :) Ask Keylogthis he knows some stuff. Few others as well but his are on Vimeo.com under Keylogthis.
Yeah this sounds purty kewlaieo. Looking forward to it. <3

This is of Spikepick, Jerakell and Violante. I tried a weird xmog for like 2 days here. Not a fan. It looks alright in a profile but not live. Ima stay with my tribal set. The other 2 are uploading now.

EDIT: There is no sound on this first round of 4 videos. I will figure that out next time.
If you are a fan of me or my work you wont want to watch this clip.


Why this one's quality is much worse than the first one I dont know.
EDIT Scratch that. The longer you leave a video up the better the qualities that are offered when viewing. Got it.


342 alli, and 1 goblin were harmed in the making of these videos.

Thnx for watching GingerTV! Ill keep new stuff coming.
LOL very cute :)

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