Pvp power vs resil 5.2

Sooo just wondering if anyone has done the mathes for 5.2 which will be better to stack now that pvp power affects 25% of healing plus the buffs to FoL ect..
Obviously we get more value from resilience atm but will that change come 5.2?
No one is really going to know until we play the game.
I mean.. Numbers are just numbers, you gotta wait until you see how those numbers react in a real situation.

On a side note: I hope that PvP Power becomes boss again, I literally have 15 stacks of PvP Power gems that I cut right before 5.1 came out hoping to sell. Been sitting on them and waiting for them to go up to a decent price.
Yea it is a shame PvP power is so undervalued (as a healer anyways).
Happy to see Ret getting their utility buffed and that wonderful Avenging Wrath buff. That buff looks so sweet!
Pre 5.1 I was head to toe in pvp power
Then hit the pain that was 5.1, head to toe resilience

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