Hpally ilvl 492 LF raid team/guild 16/16 exp

im currently looking for a new raid team/ guild . im pretty much open for any day of the week
last group i was in fell apart due to attendace issues. my current progression its:

MGV: 6/6H
HOF: 6/6N
TOES: 4/4N

will transfer, i want to be in raid group before 5.2
if intrested u can also contact me by battletag Bluntadin#1983
Hey there. Remnant is looking for a healer for our Core riad group atm. Were all pretty experienced, mature, laid back raiders. Just need a healer to fill our last core spot.

Were currently 16/16 Normal, 7/16 heroic, and 2/12 ToT Normal.

Our raid times are tues, wed and thurs, from 630 PM to 930 PM Server. And an optional raid on sunday/Mon. Our main focus is ToT atm, and are planning on getting kills as conrent is released. You can msg me in game anytime, or Thanaroth(GM) if your interested=)

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