BNC 13/14 SoO LF Ranged dps 9 hours/week

Big Natural Crits is a 10 man progression guild with 1 10 man team. We are currently recruiting a good, well experienced ranged dps for our group. Raid times are 8 - 11pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We only raid 9 hours/week so efficiency is key.

Minimum requirements: legendary cloak (or very close to it), appropriate gear and some heroic raiding experience. We are only looking for very good, reliable players with a passion for what they do.

High Priority Recruitment: ranged dps (prefer Ele Shaman)

For more information contact Aljini (Battletag: Aljini#1399) ingame.

or visit
We are currently 6/12 in Throne of Thunder.

We are looking for a rogue but all other strong raiders will be considered and are welcome to apply.

LF a good ele shaman. We are d/e all the mail caster gear :(
LF ele shaman ...
Update 8/12
We are nice people most of the time. Seriously where are all the applicants if you have good awareness a desire to raid in a good friendly environment and show potential please hit us up.
Update 11/12
LF a good range dps (not hunter or spriest) currently working on heroic progression dont be afraid to whisper us in game or post here if you have any questions.
1/13 Heroic
Bump for a range dps and or healer
Bump for tank
bump for pally
8/13H Still looking for a tank
hey amigos if you guys still need a tank i can come on my pally
Bump for tank

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