Still LFM Herald of the Titans run.

Hey everyone, Deception is forming a Herald of the Titans achievement group! This achievement requires you to lock your xp bar at 80 and we have to defeat Algalon the Observer in 10 man Ulduar with no one wearing any armor over ilvl 226 and no weapon over ilvl 232. We will accept lower ilvl than is the max and work our way to higher ilvl as necessary. We need 1 tank, 2 healers, and 2 dps. We plan on making our first attempt as soon as we gear the necessary people to test our ilvl and start mastering the mechanics of the fight. Don't miss your chance to get this rare title!

Either post your battletag on here or add mine shadowbolt#1653 to start organizing the grp as we need to start farming the gear asap, we will be doing runs every saturday morning at 10am mountain time.
Yo, I'm pretty much full BiS holy priest. Hit me up in game. Hammonds#1362
Dark Nemesis has almost a full group doing this soon. I think we're waiting on a couple of DPS to hit 80.
I have a monk at 70 that I'm going to level up to 80 shortly, I don't really care what spec I play, I'll do whatever you guys want. I think my RealID/Battletag is full, so just add me in-game considering we're on the same server.
You guys want a lock in there? I have my tier set, and enchanted 232 weapon. Can pull a solid 7k dos when raid buffed. My guild has been "forming" a group for this forever but they keep pushing it back and I'm tired of waiting.
Title is bugged. You can get the title by killing Algalon under 10 seconds. Go in with 25 90s, burn him down in a few seconds and you have your title.
Couple problems with your poorly thought out "idea". One, it's under six seconds for that to work. Two, it's 10 man Ulduar, 25 90s won't work for the achievement. Three, that being said, the 8 level 90 dps you go with have to have over 150k burst dps and be able to sustain it for 6 seconds. Good luck.
The logistics can wait, but is it confirmed for bugged? I.E bursting 10 Algalon down gets you Herald?

Also many classes can hit 150k dps+ with lust rolling and sustain it for at least 10 seconds.
I'm working on gear. Any chance you have room for a balance druid?

edit: Coffee#1952

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