[H]<HBDC>10/16HC 10M LF Balance Druid for 5.2

Burning Legion
Hello, we are: Honey Badger Don't Care! of US-Burning Legion (CST-PVP).

We're a 10man semi-hardcore guild that have had its members raiding and playing together since TBC. We are currently 10/16HC.
We take progression and raiding seriously but always try to have fun while doing it. We expect every raider to come prepared with food, flasks and consumables. Do your homework on your class because we won't do it for you, but we're always willing to help out.

Looking for:

- Balance Druid

Anyone with those qualification is welcome to apply and as always all exceptional players of any class are also welcome to apply.

What to expect: Progression minded individuals that want to work together to down bosses and have fun doing it.

What we expect: Selflessness and dedication to the guild and her goals, whatever they may be.

Raid times are currently set at:
Tuesday: 7-11PM CST
Wednesday: 7-11PM CST
Thursday: 7-11PM CST

Our guild website is http://www.hbdc.guildportal.com
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me on battletag @ Remotion#1923

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