Weekend Alt Run

Centered's 12/16 alt run is looking for a couple more good players! We are particularly in need of healers, although dps or tanks will be looked at. Raid times are:

11 am Saturday (primarily farm content)
4 pm Sunday (progression fights)

The Saturday start time may be bumped up if we find it necessary, but Sunday's is unlikely to change. I'm hoping to solidify and stabilize the group so we can push into Throne of Thunder soon after patch drop!
Hello Kirielle!

I was wondering if you can add me as a fill or core spot in for the Sat & Sun runs? Not sure if you need any dps. I do have a resto sham (Sylents) that is currently gearing his healing spec that is available also.

Have a great day!
we are still looking for a very good healer with the coming new patch. our times are saturday and sunday 3-7PM CST

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