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Howdy, I haven't played much since Cata, and didn't play a lot in cata. Been lvling up through dungeon finder and recently pulled out my old holy set for random BG's.

Not sure on some of these changes to holy, and could use some advice. I plan on PVPing mostly at 90, and going to try to get into a RBG team, if not, I'll just do randoms (hate arena). And I looked here and on Healing forum and on BG forum, and haven't really found any good guides to Holy PVP.

So my questions:
1st tier: SoL or PoJ? I keep waffling back and fourth between these two talents and can't figure which one seems better. The big speed burst is really nice when coupled with HoF, but OTOH, PoJ helps me keep up with speedy FC's easier, to keep healing up on them. Is either considered better for BG's? Also haven't really played with the one that's triggered off judgement... figuring there might not always be someone around to judge when I need speed.

4th Tier: (lvl 75) I've been going through these trying to decide which is best suited for pvp healing. DP is nice when you get OP string procs on it, but it sucks when you get no procs on it. HA is nice for "OH $#!+ HEAL!" times, it allows some pretty nice and powerful heal spam for 18 seconds. And SW just seems nice, but not a tide changer in a big skirmish, really, like HA does.

The rest seem fairly obvious choices.

Minor: All seem to suck, the only one with any effect at all is falling avenger, which I've used a couple times after being blasted off cliffs/bridges etc. So my question is not directed to you paladins, but to blizzard, why do pal minor's suck so much?

Major: Holy Major's seem weak also IMO. But I chose:
Protector of the Innocents (heals me for 20% of WoG when used to heal another)
Flash of Light (7% more heal on the target you just flashed)
Divine Protection (turns DP into 20% mag reduction 20% phys reduction)

Am I missing anything with Glyphs? I have seen holy's take Beacon of Light (removes CD on Beacon), is beacon switching that big of a deal in BG's? If so, what to drop, etc?

I have no idea what stat priority is for hPal pvp. Guessing I'd go:
PvPPower -> PvPResil -> Mastery ?

Knowing stats makes most enchanting decisions pretty basic, but I am completely unfamiliar with MoP enchants, any (specifically weapon) to be keep a look out for on the AH?

Holy Power:
My holy power generation seems insanely slow compared to what I remember it being in cata. Am I doing it wrong now? Seems to generate any decent amount of HPower I need to sit there and hard cast on Mr.Beacon, which ends in me being endlessly holy locked.

If you inspect my profile you'll notice my professions are crap, I am probably the worst wow player in the game when it comes to lvling professions. The only time since vanilla I've had professions maxed was Wrath: Ench on my lock, Tailoring on my Druid, and skinning/LW on my hunter. So I'm doubting that I'll be getting to them on this expansion, as I find them absolutely dull, and tedious, in every way. But if anyone else gets information from my query, feel free to comment on best/worst profs. for holy pvp.

I think that wraps up my questions for now, thanks for the time to any who choose to respond.
Speed of Light definitely. The need of holy power to use POJ's full potential is unreliable. SoL is a GREAT tool running away from melee to heal yourself and survive, running into smoke bombs to heal, or anything of the like.

Edit: Woops i'm talking about the wrong talents. The 4th talent tier would be for level 60, the 5th tier would be level 75 :P
Divine Purpose would be the best, a free cast of 3 charge Holy Power can come in handy quite often (And it just so happens to proc quite often :P) It also can proc of itself, or 1 or 2 charges of HP. The other 2 talents just don't seem to bring as much to the table for Holy PVP.

Now in my opinion, this beacon of light glyph that removes the GCD was one of the best things to happen to paladin. This allows you to build up Holy Power at a much greater rate. Throw beacon on any target you will do a fast cast divine light or some flashes of light on. Now a 2nd target is going down at an equally fast rate, you can instantly throw beacon on him and heal 2 targets at the same time. Rotating between flashes of light on the beacon target for HP and 3 charge WOG on the un beaconed target, but always focusing heals on the target that is just about to die.

The other glyph I have constantly been using is the increased heals when using a flash of light. And the 3rd glyph (which I just switched to mainly because I didn't pay much attention to it) is Glyph of Blessed Life. This allows a greater increase of gaining HP, and when is that not a good thing? The 40% magic reduction is a very good spell IMO and saved me a lot of times, reducing that would not be a good thing even for melee damage. And I don't think protector of the innocent applies to Eternal Flame, which will be used for RBGS and when you get used to it, normal bgs themselves.

You're going to want to go for Resil > PVP POWER > Crit> Spirit > Haste> Mastery
Reforge for crit and spirit while you gem for Resilience while still hitting the gem bonuses (Using Intel and PVP Power)

You're going to want to get the weapon enchant "Windsong" first as it is very cheap and somewhat useful. Once you accumulate 3.5k gold you can buy the Jade Spirit enchant.

For Holy Power, as I said the beacon of light glyph is a wonderful way to generate holy power. You will obviously also want to use Holy Shock on cooldown. Glyph of Blessed Life also gives you HP here and there.
And another trick which I use almost every single time I'm in melee range, is Crusader Strike.
It uses slightely less mana than Holy Shock and still generates a charge of holy power. This is a good tool when in melee range to get more HP to heal yourself. (Of course only use when Holy Shock and Holy Prism are on cooldown, and hard casting something isn't going to get you interrupted.)

I'm a Blacksmith and Enchanter, but the 2 recommended professions for paladins would be Blacksmithing and Engineering. (Not that it makes a big difference)

Hope this helps!

Edit: Fixed Stat Priority
Thanks, that was very helpful.

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