[A] Returning player looking for Casual guild

I played for about 3 years from classic through to the beginning of cataclysm, mostly end game raiding. Haven't played since then and have just got back into the game with a new account.

Looking for a guild to have a more social experience leveling up in and possibly do some casual raiding/instancing once I hit level 90. From New Zealand but I work nightshifts so my time of play can be a bit all over the palce

Also if anyone I used to play with (used to be known as "afkyouheal") wants to catch up, flick me a PM 8-)
I'm actually in the same position - played from vanilla to WotLK, stopped playing for a few years, and now I've been sucked back in. It'd be nice to jump in with a casual group, mostly for the chatter and guild perks. Let me know if you find something!

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