Ret Paladin Gap Closer Idea!

I was thinking we should change Long Arm of the Law to kinda like a Dragon Ball Z GOku style charge.

Similar to how monks have flying serpent kick(?) we could just be engulfed in light like Goku when he powers up and charge towards someone, no stuns or anything like that so it's still a bit different to warriors.
Maybe some sort of slow instead similar to what monks get.

It will be on the target so a hybrid of charge and the monks one.

I think it's kinda cool, a bit different to what is in the game atm and could make us viable for RBGs by having a swap mechanic instead of running with judgement.

20 seconds CD or something similar to that, I don't feel like this will make us overpowered since we don't run faster than everyone else anymore, and emancipate is dodgy as all hell since some times you have to use 3+ GCDs to even walk at normal speed.

might become OP at 20 second CD since we have 2 freedoms with around the same CD
But we will be taking away LAoTL.. But perhaps you are right.
30 seconds maybe? Since there is no stun/slow component it should be fine.
I don't know about you, but I use LAoTL (that's the one where you get a speed boost when you judgement right?) to kite like mad vs some classes that faceroll me in 2 seconds. Ret paladins have become a class that has to kite to survive. Your new idea, sounds awesome, might need to replace something else. Then it would cause the issue of having LAoTL AND your goku spell lol. Maybe make it just like flying serpent kick so it can be used as a kiting tool also if LAoTL has to be removed.
I actually don't like the idea of ret having a gap closer. Especially not a rushing charge style mechanic, ill play my warrior if i wanted to do that.

Ret just needs some utility that allows us force enemies to overextend, something like a deathgrip. But hopefully not an exact copy.

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