MOP Ret Paladin Talent Suggestions


I looked around and found many guides on how the new talent tree works but not so much on suggestions to start trying.

I am a long time player, I go back to the first beta, and am on my 4th character. This guy is a level 64 human pally. I have been away for quite a while and the new system is very alien to me.

I am just looking for YOUR current build and why they work for you. This will further give me insight to my final build and quicker tweaks.

I appreciate any time.


Depends on whether your doing pvp or pve content. If its PvP others can go into further detail then I can. For PvE, Pursuit of Justice is good for a stable speed boost, while Long Arm of the Law is more on demand movement.

I prefer Unbreakable Spirit because it essentially lowers the cd of DS and LoH, and its just nice to have access to an oh S#$% button more often.

When you get your 75 talents I'd go with Divine Purpose for leveling and questing because the procs can be a godsend, and self heals with WoG can trigger it, so your not losing out on holy power. Sanctifed Wrath is very nice though for burst phases and dpsing.

I honestly would take Sacred Shield instead of Eternal Flame. At lower levels you'll have more gaps to fit it in, and you'll still keep word of glory for healing.

As for Tier 90 depends on the fight. If its single target Execution Sentence is better dps wise. 2 or more then Light's Hammer.

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