error #113

Technical Support
I have been trying to log in and it just keeps saying the login server is busy, this happened to me last week aswell, i have both an EU and US account but the EU one is inactive.
i tried the repair tool and restarting my PC and game but nothing changed.
I have exactly the same situation.
Same happened last week after the reset. Same is happening today. Trying to login for the past hour. No luck.
Please help, I got a raid in half an hour.
You're not alone guys, lets all hold hands and hope for the best!
Same here guys.
Lets make a circle around the campfire till this is fixed.
Before anyone breaks out in a Kumbaya song, maybe someone should fix this.... I've been getting the same error for over an hour also :(
Realm status is up.. but population is high... could it be that the server is over populated to not allow anyone else to log in now?
im not even reaching the realm page
Well, then we should get a place in line and a timer, like it was for 2 months after MOP release.
Ye, just getting error 113.
Can we get an update from technical support on login servers?
Good chance to try new games out there.
Any news?? I'm stuck too. :((
... could also try playing Warcraft in real life. Take that you fiendish neighbors, don't make me unsheathe my sword.
Could we get a word on this already? Been like 2 hours now
Add me to the campfire circle too. Hope they fix it soon. I am having WOW withdrawals.
Kumbaya my lord, give us WOW,
Kumbaya my lord, fix 1 1 3,
Kumbaya my lord, destroy the Horde,
Kumbaya my lord, stop this sooong.
Same error here.... Was just logged in over an hour ago and now I can't login again.
More than 3 hours and still waiting.
Thanx for ruining my night, Blizz.

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