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Ok, so I've searched for quite awhile, and have not really found anything on the subject. What exactly can a warlock aspire to be? I know the normal things like a teacher, a type of Sargent in the war, or a demonoligist, but what are some other more specific things.

I'm attempting to flesh out my background story, and I have pretty much everything figured out except for this. I'm not really sure, since warlocks tend to be a really faux pas subject, what is allowable for them? I also am not aware of any under ground side professions they may have available to them. Are they capable of being in politics (as a BE) are they capable of being scholars working along side Mages? I don't think they would, but I just generally know nothing about this subject.

I'm really new to RP, so some of the things that should be common knowledge are not to me. So, I'm having a bit of writer's block and was wondering if I could get some help.

My character is essentially, past her "glory days" so to speak (she's only got about 60 more years of war-fighting days) so I'm more interested in knowing what a retired warlock hero might be interested in eventually pursuing.

Thanks ahead of time,
The future is wide open my dear. You see, warlocks never die...we just keep coming back for more. It's why we steal souls and seek more power. (I jest, this is my warlock's goals in life)

You can use your professions as a means of setting goals, such as alchemy, enchanting, or anything really. Think of all the professions as avenues to invent new things. I always believed the primary goal of any Sindorei is to rejeuvenate the entire elven society. We are low in numbers you see. The glory of the past is not going to happen again unless all Sindorei unite and preserve our heritage.

We can rule the world...if we could ever get serious about it.
My GM has entitled himself with Ranger-lord. I'm looking more along the lines of this type of stuff.
As a title or rank you can retire on?

Grand Warlock is, I think, the nominal title for such people... you could, of course, make for yourself your own titles if you seek such a thing. Though if you're of noble birth, as a practitioner of magic, you'd be afforded the title of Magistrix as a Blood Elf - which makes you very powerful in Blood Elf society (think a mayor/governor crossed with secret police crossed with a senator crossed with judge, jury and executioner crossed with a general).
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My GM has entitled himself with Ranger-lord. I'm looking more along the lines of this type of stuff.

Erm.. Ranger lord.. You mean he's Lore'thremar's equal? He's the leader of the entire Farstrider's corps?

Warlocks are basically after power in various forms, perhaps a side of glory. Overly fancy titles and such don't fit them too well.
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My GM has entitled himself with Ranger-lord. I'm looking more along the lines of this type of stuff.

Grand Sorcerer? Sorcerer Supreme? Dark Lord/Lady? Dark Master? The grand titles for a Warlock can be as creative as the Warlock. They can aspire to be anything they want basically.
You'll know you are where you want to be when everything refers to you as 'Master'.
Why, hello there!

My name is Professor Sir Richard Blightcrafter, Lord of Shadowy Hells, Lord-Mayor of Heathglen by the Coast, Aide to Duke Fancy-Camel in All Things Fancy, Part-time Opera Singer, Professor of the Profane, Former Apothecary, and Grand Warlock.

In my free time I enjoy devouring souls; eating my Dearest's cooking, -but I implore you, do not tell her that my fel-damned dead tongue cannot taste how delicious it is- and sharing that cooking and Lynrida's, my succubus, delightfully fancy tea; playing a round of golf with the other Lords and Ladies of the various hells; and breaking the laws of Physics.

As for work, I study the Old Gods and their minions, while furthering my agenda of making everyone incredibly fancy!

Perhaps one day, you too, can enjoy 'retirement' as I do.

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