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For my main Zpan, who is an insane human hunter...I am honestly not sure o.O

Zpan is...feral and hardly what anyone would consider sane. She is a mercenary who is exuberantly violent and fond of fighting, drinking, explosions and profit. So maybe someone who can keep up with her and not try to change her? I'm not sure if she cares about what race her partner would be, even though she's very fond of waving gold coins at Blood Elf males telling them to strip and dance...but she probably does that to just piss them off. (she did learn to speak and read/write Orcish just to better insult the Orcs and Horde)

My little priest Maj? Well she's a young teenager with a massive crush on King Varian Wyrnn, so someone like him (or how she perceives him to be) - strong, noble, honorable, kind, intelligent, wise, ect. Then again, she's 15 and tends to blush and stammer when an even remotely attractive boy or man even looks at her or talks to her. XD

My Worgen warrior Marguax? She'd like someone who doesn't view her by her curse - she hates her curse and spends all time out of battle in her birth-form. She'd never go for a Forsaken or Death Knight though. I'm pretty sure she's straight, even though getting a guy to look past not just her curse but also her masculine appearance...would be on the top of her list of must haves. I doubt she'd be comfortable dating a Gnome or Dwarf given the size difference...she'd like a guy taller then her.

Hmmm. My Human Paladin Barthe? Given his upbringing would look to marry either another paladin, a priest, warrior or civilian. Probably would only be interested in another human or Draenei. He'd look for a woman aligned with the Light, noble, trustworthy, sweet-natured...

Lucek, my Human Warlock would probably only be interested in a human woman - one who is sweet-natured and would be someone he could trust completely.

My human rogue Musei....errrmmm....well someone who finds her attractive despite the fact she's horribly scarred up would be a big plus. I doubt she'dd ever go for a Worgen given he scars were gain via a near fatal dog mauling when she was a kid... I've not decided her orientation so...she probably wouldn't care XD
Thisalee Crow
Hm..I could seen Anit with a Elf girl or Orc maybe a Pandaren boy or girl really...yes I go both ways.
Sylvanas becuase he wants what he can never have.
03/02/2013 06:55 AMPosted by Sayumaengkis
Sylvanas becuase he wants what he can never have.
Dream on brother! /salute
I have travelled with many I called "partner" but the crossroads are inevitable. If I were to settle down and be in a relationship it would be with a loyal and dear friend of any race or gender. We might even adopt an orphan from one of the various orphanages as it tugs on my heartstrings everytime I say goodbye to them.
I have a lot of characters but only a few I actually roleplay (on WrA and MG).

My female draenei paladin would like to be courted by a respectable draenei gentleman. Unfortunately, I think draenei men have gone extinct.

I have a male Forsaken hunter (was a quel'dorei ranger in life). He'd like to find a female companion; blood elf preferably, but since being undead he isn't 'pretty' anymore, he is altogether overlooked. He isn't averse to a human lady, but if she is loyal to the Alliance... that would obviously be an issue.

Then I have a female blood elf rogue who is really into Forsaken men. She finds them exciting and dangerous.

Finally, my female Kaldorei rogue would like to meet a man of her own race to travel the world with for a time before putting down roots somewhere.
My druid has another druid as his partner. She's a tauren who fell in love with him after he transformed into a worgen in his story.
Kat would like someone that understands her feelings, Knows how to flatter her. Someone that has strong opinions. and typically a big mouth Because it's not easy. Easy is boring,
i'd like anyone who could take me on a nice date. doesn't have to be fancy, just something simple.
troll, can hold her own in battle, with nice tusks and hair
My character is more mysterious, intelligent, and not really kind. He is very quiet, and can have a big mouth if he gets agitated. He can hold is own ground, so he would be looking for a Night Elf, most likely a Death Knight, or someone with the same qualities he has. And defineatly female.
Az has a thing for male night elves. Something about their build, the elegance that they carry themselves, the intense eyes- dreamy. Preferably one that could hold their own against her, and against the enemy, a druid or a shadow priest to both protect her and kill would probably be perfect for her.
A human woman with long red hair, able to bend the powers of the arcane to her will, caring, selfless and generally a loving woman... Oh man I can't have any other woman other than Takizawa's missing lover. To him she was perfect even if she was lacking in the chest department.
Romance? Meh...

I'm dead.

^ Best quote from an undead ever right there. :P

Um... Arlandria (Andria) got lucky and already found perfection.
A rogue who put down their weapons to make her feel comfortable.

Could go one about the months of RP from this one so far, but this post would take up alot of space to do so. So I'll just leave it at that.
[End post here]
An older male dwarf with a gentlemanly, dapper flare, strong arms that know how to wield a nasty weapon, and a clean beard. He would preferably be something of a semi-retired ladies man.

Aloom would like to stay up late at night, sitting on a big pumpkin in the Heartland and have long-winded talks about ore and strange social customs with such a dwarf. She would end the discussions by leaning over and planting a kiss on his big, soft nose before waggling her eyebrows a little and departing.

Yes... something that'd start off very, very slow.
Kat has a thing for Death Knights and Paladins. Just something about them. However it's not as if she would discriminate based on class, she just likes them.

As in for what she wants in a partner, someone kind and loyal to a fault. The rest we can figure out ourselves as sometimes the simple things, are the best things in life.
Someone steadfast and forthright, always willing to take up a hammer, mace or spell to protect the right cause, yet ready to relax and give the occasional snuggle at the end of the day. Someone who will charge in and be at my side in combat and battles without being overbearing or protective and who can still stand on his own when he needs to! Someone who appreciates fresh baked bread and the simple comforts of home life, the stillness of a misty morning sunrise, the peace of mind in inner reflection, the deepness of the tranquil soul!

or... someone silly I can roll around with and laugh at, that'll work on me.

Anyone not a gnome had better have cases of shrinking potions.
darkzane has a thing for belf priest,so one day that belf could heal his tormented heart and find love in all the right places.A blonde, blue eyed belf dk is any girls dreams.
John walks in, a weezing and trembling old man, he listens to the comments and replies. "Is this where the bathroom is? Oh, Love? Too old for that bs." And leaves.

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