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A female dwarf to give Floim beer and make him brats. Ah, so nice.
Kia does secretly find a male human paladin quite fascinating and oddly attractive. She definitely would be tempted if presented the opportunity.
Someone that can keep up with Empy is hard to find. Got to be up for anything and willing to face the dangers of the wilds with her. The strong. stoic type thats gonna treat her like a lady. And she does have a thing for humans.
Kreindis isn't very picky at the moment, but I'd prefer he get another Sin'dorei to replace the one he lost when he was murdered and transformed into a Death Knight. As for standards, funny, courageous, smart, and beautiful.

Pretty much what he had in life, I guess.
Someone she could have long, respectful, and intellectual debates with. If she could find another warlock like her, it'd be perfect.
my ideal lover is a dark skinned female human human with a big ole booty and a bad attitude ya feel me? Cause i love a strong thick ole booty human gal yall feel me, doing instances with me and giving commands to me WOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEE damn i love a big ole booty dark skinneded human! And ik alot of men fear those kind of women but not me, no no no, cuz i love danger ya feel me?
^^ I can't breathe right now. My sides... oh my sides!
Hey gnome!! You "feel me" like that one more time I will put you in orbit!!

(snickers) Have a link to the past.
I like em rich.
I never thought I would get into romantic role play, but a situation happened and Daiyuu's character decided for herself that the relationship was meant to happen.

She fell in love with a sweet Pandaren girl after they both rejected a hopeless romantic... While still sitting at the table with him. So awkward that was, but it worked out.

We've even had several compliments on how adorable the couple is!
My character Ben would deffinately want a Blood Elf female. She'd have to be quiet and leveled out because my real girlfriend is a real ball of emotional fun *sarcasm* Seriously..a guy cant fart without getting beat on? What kind of world do we live in these days?!?!
A female of whom to romance? Ketimet would require one of selfish and impulsive behavior to balance out his relaxed, neutral behavior. A Goblin, Worgen, or Blood Elf would do. Hunter or Rogue class would be optimal. As for physical traits, must have long hair. Short hair just will not do.
I'd go for a worgen. I'm into furries ;)
Arielle did you post in the wrong thread? LOL!!
I'd go for a worgen. I'm into furries ;)

Anyways if someone would be ever so kind to set me and Boss Mida up on a date I would die (and then get resurrected by the guardian angel of course), like that lovely giant Goblin is so pretty!
Shauna here is somewhat childlike. She's upbeat, has her head in the clouds, is endlessly fascinated by the world, and hasn't fully come to terms with mortality. As such, romance is something that seldom crosses her mind, though she might find companionship in one who shares her fascination and transcendent love of nature. She isn't strongly tied to the Alliance, so would probably be open equally to a fellow night elf or a tauren, most likely of the male sex. Worgen are a bit too nationalistic and focused on mortal politics for her taste, though she might fall in love with one who was an exception. Trolls are also too political and warlike, at least in her experience.

My female night elf warrior, Aleyndria, is fascinated by female night elves in positions of cultural power. She dreams of becoming a sentinel someday (though her skillset isn't perfectly suited to it), has a girlish crush on Tyrande (though holds no illusion of anything happening between them), and is awed by the priestesses of Elune. All of those seem otherworldly to her, mysterious and intriguing. She would probably settle down with either a sentinel or a priestess with a strong leaderly personality. In the meantime, however, she wants to see the world and all its peoples. Her views may change with her experiences, but only time will tell.

My male night elf druid, Aeidan, is attracted to other male night elves, though might be able to expand his view to consider males of other races. He is a bit more tied to the mortal world than Shauna, and tends to fall in line with the Alliance view that Horde are the enemy, so he would be very unlikely to fall for a member of the Horde. He has a hard time taking gnomes and dwarves seriously, because they generally are not all that serious in his experiences. He is outwardly very terse, curmudgeonly, even, but has a softer side, a "healer's demeanor" that occasionally comes out. He's conflicted about what qualities he really wants in a partner. He sometimes thinks that he wants a strong warrior for a partner, whether it is a fellow druid who fights with tooth and claw or one skilled at arms. At other times he longs for someone gentle and understanding, who he can bare himself to (not just physically :P). He would probably be happiest with someone who's a little of both.

My female worgen rogue, Oth, is also somewhat conflicted. She has always looked up to strong men and wanted to be like them. As such, she works to try to be twice as strong as any man she encounters to try to "make up for" her femaleness. She embraces her curse, feeling that it brings her on more equal footing with the men she looks up to, and spends very little time in human form. She doesn't really think of herself as a man in a woman's body, though. She acknowledges that she is female, but just doesn't want to play along with some of the stereotypes associated with her sex. She does sometimes wonder if the kind of man she admires would want her, though. She wonders if she wouldn't be more likely to find a partner if she were gentler. But she's unwilling to pretend she's something she's not, so she is willing to accept what life throws her way. If she is destined to find a mate, she will be content with it; if not, so be it.
Well, Horde I suppose..since communication is a must in a relationship....thooooogh, might be fun to have someone..say wash up on these distant shores of Pandaria.. me slip from my shadow and heal him...all because I take one look at his pained face...half open eyes and wounded body and fall madly..deeply in love..spend some time secretly caring for him..and learn to communicate without common language....

Hmmmm Ebha may have found a love story she can pen after all.....

*runs from forum..straight to her secret world of stories*

shall he be a stalwart dwarf? a handsome human..a tall night elf.. a flirty gnome.. worgen in his human form..or drainei with matted tentacles.. hmmmm pride blended with gentleness and intelligence ..a must!

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