Streaming Afflic PVP

Alexanderspotts on twitch

Nothing special.
Streaming afflic RBG now
Back to randoms BGs
Switched to my FDK TC low mmr need pts end of the season.
Will do more tomorrow
At it again this morning more Afflic PVP maybe some RBGs later.
Starting last week of season Oqueue RBGs Puggin it.
Well that sucked.. nothing like 2 2600 teams back to back to ruin a group.
You should check out that crappy afflic dmg I just pulled in this RBG.
Random RBGs last week of season.
Check out that last RBG. Freaking out damaging everything. Melting healers like butta.
Done for today was with a really decent PUG group for a few games at the end. Will try to do some editing nothing crazy and post full length RBGs and Randoms to youtube for my fellow afflic locks.
Just putting it out there; I know I am not even remotely good, just trying to show that afflic is extremely viable. So if you want to play it; play it. Don't get stuck conforming to the BS hype.
Starting up again
Some 5 man premade PVP nothing special
Done for today.

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