Holy Priest PvP- RBG & BG Guide 5.4 UPDATED!

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Hi everyone, this is my guide for Holy Priest RBG/BG MOP 5.1, now updated for 5.4. I'll try to make this as concise as possible. Disclaimer: Everything is preferential, but this is what works best for me. I've been asked by multiple people how to Holy Priest in PvP since the beginning of MoP so I decided to make a guide :)


If you have any questions that haven't been answered on the forums after reading the guide, feel free to battletag me in-game at Love#1604


3.Stat Priority/Gems
4.Generally Used Spells/Rotation
5.UI, Macros, Addons

SECTION 1. Talents- These may vary depending on what map you get.

Tier One (level 15)

Currently in 5.4 not all talents are viable for Tier One. Psyfiend was nerfed this patch to oblivion and honestly isn't worth taking unless you bubble it. Void Tendrils is especially useful in the new BG's Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines, and Deepwind Gorge for mass rooting your opponents limiting their mobility. Void Tendrils is also the best ability to use when being trained by melee to peel yourself. Mindcontrol is still incredibly useful in Eye of the Storm, Arathi Basin for throwing your enemies off cliffs aim for healers, as well as CC capping a base with a second person.

I'll be running Void Tendrils predominantly, and occasionally switching off to MC.

TLDR Talent Preference: Void Tendrils=MC>Psyfiend.

Tier Two (level 30)

Body and Soul is still a good option if you don't want to bother with clicking feathers on the ground. Any speed buff really is great in RBG, throw it on your tank in flag carrying maps for extra run time, and even better on Guardian Druids. Angelic Featherswas buffed this patch, feathers last for 10 minutes and movement speed was increased by 20% best part is, it doesn't cost mana. Phantasm is fine for freeing yourself from movement impairing effects for five seconds, but I do not recommend it over Angelic Feathers. Normally you're able to dispel slows on your own, and using AF to get away is a lot faster.

TLDR Talent Preference: Angelic Feathers> Body & Soul>Phantasm

Tier Three (level 45)

From Darkness, Comes Light has been buffed this patch, increasing it's procs when using Renew, Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, and Prayer of Healing. Mindbender is great if you want quick mana return, on a 1 minute cooldown, no longer is Mindbender a priority for me personally, but still a good option. Power: Word Solace replaces Holy Fire returning 1% mana each use which is approximately 3000 mana per 10 seconds if used on cd. Solace does a great deal of damage for an instant cast, around 40-60k for me normally while in Inner Fire and Chastise chakra. All are viable in 5.3.

TLDR Talent Preference: From Darkness, Comes Light>Mindbender>Solace
Taking FDCL now, as procs are ridiculous.

Tier Four (level 60)

Desperate Prayer is no longer my go-to talent but is still incredibly useful if undergeared. I use DP, when getting trained and after Void Shifting friendly targets. Spectral Guise has been my main talent in tier four, for the ability to drop combat quickly to peel. Also, use this when you get Kotmogu to drop the orb when stacks are too high (your Paladin can also bop you, but this saves a bop). Angelic Bulwark helps a bit with Holy Priest survivability giving a shield that's 20% of your health, I honestly never use AB ever.

TLDR Talent Preference: Spectral Guise>Desperate Prayer>Angelic Bulwark

I'm using Spectral Guise, love love this talent even after 5.3 nerf.

Tier Five (level 75)

Twist of Fate can be extremely useful in RBG, due to the fact that on many occasions targets will dip below 20% health. It is 10 seconds of 15% increased healing, can be a great help in certain fights.
Power Infusion will always have a special place in my heart, but this patch he's on the back burner for the most part. During big team fights, Power Infusion is a life saver when I need to spam a couple Flash, Binding, and Greater Heals into people getting low without ooming myself quickly. Divine Insight has the same effects as last patch, and still is viable for procs off Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing.

TLDR: Talent Preference: Divine Insight=Power Infusion>Twist of Fate
I've been taking DI a lot more lately for PoM procs off Greater Heal. Power Infusion is still good, and Twist of Fate isn't bad. Really personal preference for this tier category.

Tier Six (level 90)

Cascade, oh how I love Cascade. It is my go-to choice for RBG based on it's capabilities to go far and wide putting out big bursty heals. It's the best spell when the opposing team pops their one shot macros, it's PoM on steroids (Plus it was buffed this patch bounces 4 times instead of 3). Divine Star is incredibly cheap on mana compared to the other two talents in this section, and also does a good amount of healing on a shorter cd. Halo is the only spell I would not recommend for RBG just based on the fact the mana cost is really high, and has the longest cd of all the talents.

TLDR Talent Preference: Cascade=Divine Star>Halo 5.4
Personally going Cascade for the bigger bursty heal.

SECTION 2. Glyphs

Glyphs will really differ for everyone, and my standard setup this patch has been Renew, PoM, and Mass Dispel.

Glyph of Lightwell is no longer necessary as it was placed into spellbooks as a baseline spell. Using Lightspring glyph will only give you extra charges (but you have to click it) so it's not worth taking anymore imo.

Glyph of Spirit of Redemption is still a decent pick for Holy Priest glyphs, but no longer my #1. 24 seconds of freecast time while dead, with no mana limits, and no interrupts. As long as you and your team are able to communicate on when the rez time is, preferably at around 10 seconds before it goes off stop SoR and rez again quickly (use cancel aura macro in macros section), it's like you never died at all.

* I always have MD glyph because of the 5.3 rework of MD. I take Glyph of Mass Dispel because normally I am the only Priest in my group, useful for dispelling opponents defensives Pally Shield/BoP Mage/Druid Iceblock, keeping up pressure. Not dispelling defensives quick enough can make or break games.

I use the following interchangeably depending on opposing teams comp. Prayer of Mending, Glyph of Renew, Holy Nova on flag maps which I take rarely if I'm pugging and can't trust people to spin flag.

Lately I've been going Glyph of Renew you can get an extra tick on renew with soft cap (4721 haste) Renew is buffed 33% but lasts 3 seconds less.

Glyph of Inner Sanctum is great when the opposing team is caster heavy, reducing damage taken by 6% with Inner Fire up.

Glyph of Fade is a flat 10% damage reduction on use.

SECTION 3. Stat Priority, Gems, Enchants
Resilience is no longer really necessary to gem or enchant, but the resil meta gem is worth a second look.

* Intellect>Spirit>Mastery>Crit/Haste>Resil is what i'd aim for if you're hoping to get out big heals, and have good mana regen without having to drink constantly. Int for spell power to land insanely huge heals, not sure how PVP Power is at the current moment but I will update as 5.4 progresses. I'm currently making a Mastery/Crit build as my procs off FDCL are so incredibly frequent I hardly have to cast anything.

* Currently reforging my Haste to Mastery>Crit.

* Gems
I'm gemming mostly raw Intellect as of 5.4 starting with Brilliant Primordial Ruby for 160 int in all red slots, Purified Imperial Amethyst for 80 int +160 spirit, Artful Vermilion Onyx for 80 Int + 160 mastery. Intellect currently is better than PvP Power for healers (so far). Also with gems, you can get two different types of gems they have the exact same stats. More often than not 'perfect' gems are cheaper on the Auction House.

Reds Brilliant Primordial Ruby or Perfect Brilliant Pandarian Garnet
Blues Sparkling River's Heartor Perfect Sparkling Lapis Lazuli
Yellows Mystic Sun's Radiance or Perfect Mystic Sunstone
Quick Sun's Radiance or Perfect Quick Sunstone
Fractured Sun's Radiance or Perfect Fractured Sunstone
Artful Vermilion Onyx
Purples work for either red or blue.
Purified Imperial Amethyst or Perfect Purified Roguestone
Greens work in yellow and blue sockets, many options here.
Turbid Wild Jade or Perfect Turbid Alexandrite
Energized Wild Jade or Perfect Energized Alexandrite
Zen Wild Jade or Perfect Zen Alexandrite

Enchanting general enchants for your items.
Shoulders Greater Crane Wing Inscription
Cloak Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect
Chest Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats orEnchant Chest - Super Resilience or Enchant Chest - Mighty Spirit
Bracers Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect or Enchant Bracer - Mastery
Gloves Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste or Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
Legs Greater Pearlescent Spellthread
Feet Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step or Enchant Boots - Greater Haste

SECTION 4. Generally Used Spells & Rotation

My rotation setup for RBG would be to (may differ on situation)
1.Find a good spot for Lightspring, put it in a corner unreachable to the enemy team.
3.Prayer of Mending PoM before HW: Serenity for Holy Spark buff increases healing on HW:S and refreshes your Renew on targets.
4.Holy Word: Serenity use this off every cd with PoM
5.Power Word: Shield if a target is taking a lot of pressure.
6.Cascade when entire team starts dipping low
7.Circle of Healing also when multiple people are low
8. Prayer of Healing with Power Infusion up
9.Divine Hymn I can't stress how much you should use this every cd, find a place to cast in los without being interupted or make sure Aura Mastery from your Paladin is out.
10.Flash Heal 2x on a single target getting low
11.Follow with Greater Heal for faster cast time after 2 Flashes.
Repeat, if FDCL procs, use Instant Flash Heals on lowest targets.
11.Guardian Spirit is also used whenever a target is getting low, though sometimes people die through it. It's really buggy, but it does provide extra healing to a single target.
12. Void Shift low targets, Desperate Prayer + Renew/PoM yourself after.
Other spells used- Mass Dispel for enemy defensive CD's.

*Casting Combinations*
They're entirely up to you to gauge what type of pressure is being output. This is normally what I do personally.

Light Heals (Light Pressure/Single Target)
Renew, PoM, Serenity.
PW:Shield (if necessary), Renew, PoM, Serenity
Flash Heal 2x, Greater Heal

Moderate Healing (Medium Pressure for 2-4 people)
Flash Heal 2x, Prayer of Healing
Renew on all,PoM, Sanctuary, Prayer of Healing
Renew on all, PoM, Sanctuary, Circle of Healing

Heavy Healing (Extensive AoE Pressure 5+ people)
Try to Sanctuary the area with the most people.
PoM, Cascade, Divine Hymn.
PoM, Circle of Healing, Cascade, Divine Hymn.
All of these combinations should top your team off.

(Thanks to Rilaks)
Here's some information regarding which heals are affected by Chakra: Serenity, Chakra: Sanctuary, and what isn't affected by either:

Chakra: Serenity -
Increases the healing done by your single-target healing spells by 25%, and causes them to refresh the duration of your Renew on the target.

Rapid Renewal
Binding Heal
Flash Heal
Greater Heal

Chakra: Sanctuary -
Increases the healing done by your area of effect healing spells by 25%, and reduces the cooldown of your Circle of Healing spell by 2 sec.

Prayer of Mending
Circle of Healing
Divine Star
Divine Hymn

Unaffected -
Glyph of Power Word: Shield
Lightwell/Lightspring (Unverified)
Mastery: Echo of Light (Unverified)
Guardian Spirit Sacrifice (Unverified)

SECTION 5. UI, Macros, Addons.

Addons you should have, or at least try most can be found on Curse.

Platebuffs MOP which you can find on WoW Interface helps by showing the buffs and cc's out on enemy targets, as well as friendly targets. It's great for instantly seeing Fears, Paladin Bubble, ect. You can choose whether or not to display your teams debuffs too, as it can get confusing but it's easily customizable. By far my favorite bg addon.

Battleground Targets is especially needed for RBG when a target needs to be purged or cc'd. Displays all enemies on one single panel, and can be customized to show healers/tank ect by class color options are there as well.
I personally use Tidy Plates and Threat Plates to show the overhead buffs with Platebuffs.
Also Bartender, for keeping my UI clean and spells in a central place on my screen.

Interrupt Bar is useful for seeing when your enemy has their interrupts ready, easiest way to not get kicked.


For RBG I use mouseover macros for practically everything, every healing spell at least, general example.

#showtooltip Prayer of Mending
/cast Chakra: Serenity
/cast [target=mouseover,nomod,exists] Prayer of Mending; Prayer of Mending

I have a dispel macro which I use for offensive and defensive dispelling in one (Purify/Dispel Magic)

/use [@mouseover, harm, nodead, exists] Dispel Magic; [@mouseover, nodead, exists][help] Purify; [exists] Dispel Magic

I didn't want to waste a glyph for Dispel on Leap of Faith, so I made a macro building it in to make sure roots/deep/ect are dispelled before gripping. Saved countless lives this way dispelling deep and gripping orb carries to safety in Kotmogu. Be extremely careful to make sure your target doesn't have VT on them before doing so.

/castsequence [@mouseover,help][@targettarget,help][] reset=30 Purify,Leap of Faith

Cancelling Spirit of Redemption form macro useful for when you die and need to make rez immediately.

/cancelaura Spirit of Redemption

Inner Will and Inner Fire Switching macro. Useful for changing when being trained (armor/spell power), and going back to Inner Will for instant cast (mana cost reduction).

/castsequence !Inner Fire, !Inner Will

Courtesy of Longinus, Chakra macros

/cast Chakra: Chastise
/cast Chastise

/cast Chakra: Holy Word: Serenity
/cast Holy Word: Serenity

/cast Chakra: Sanctuary
/cast Divine Hymn (editted: Divine Hymn would be the better spell to couple this with into 1 macro... then right afterwards you can cast Sanctuary if needed... then you can go right back to Yellow Chakra.

Here's a macro to buff your COH cd from 10s to 8s... use this macro in place of your regular COH keybind.

/cast chakra: sanctuary
/cast Circle of Healing

SECTION 6. Tips, Tricks, and Positioning.

Majority of the time you should be in Chakra Serenity for rbgs, switching Sanctuary helps for AoE healing, and always offensively use Chastise into a Fear on enemy healers. You'd be surprised how many people trinket a 3 second Chastise at 2k+ rating lol. Currently I'm binding my chakras to mouse wheel shift-up/down and middle mouse I find these incredibly effective since they're on such a short cd. I use middle mouse to change between Inner Fire and Inner Will.

In Gilneas make use of the house at Waterworks fights for casting Divine Hymn, go inside the house, or in the corner out of enemy los. Also works for the house on Arathi Basin at Blacksmith, as well as the fort area at Lumber Mill. Place your Lightspring on the corner side of houses, or toward the back of your group it has a 40 yard range. Good Lightspring placement- http://i.imgur.com/SvCHnBe.jpg Hymning in the corner los behind the Lightspring is also a good place to get a full channeled Hymn off.

When in Kotmogu you have the option to change talent to Spectral Guise, giving you an out to drop the orb if you must carry. Healers carrying orbs is not recommended especially Holy Priest, but it helps if you must grab them and want to trade-off orbs/remove stacks.

Obviously as a Caster, stay toward the back you will be gripped into the middle of everything so Void Tendril root and run back to where you were. Normally when I get gripped by a DK, they set up a Grip/Beam/Vortex and or Ring of Frost, you really NEED to have Paladin for Aura Mastery on your team with the amount of cc's it's crucial.

Best team composition if running Holy Priest in RBG healer wise is Paladin + Double Hpriest or Paladin +MW Monk + Hpriest. Never ever let your RBG leader send you to Arathi Basin to Heal the tank if that's your strategy remind people you're an AoE healer. You're better off being the healer who pushes with the offensive group, and having a Pala stay to heal tanks or single targets.

Remind teammates that overextending=instant death, use life grip to bring people back into range often even if they don't like it.

* Don't forget to grip your FC in Deepwind Gorge to get across the map for quicker caps.

* Spectral Guise to get out of combat faster for peeling, and fast out of combat drinking.

* If you are running with a Moonkin Druid on your team, ask for symbiosis you recieve cyclone, which is great for ccing enemy healers. You can pretty much reset diminishing returns with chastise, cyclone, fear, mindcontrol ect repeat.

Have fun, don't take things too seriously and you will get the hang of Holy Priest in RBG. Goodluck, and hope to see more of you Holy Priest on the battlefield!
Best priest I've played with all season, she knows what shes talking about!
Nice guide, us holy priests are few, especially in pvp. I struggle to get into RBG groups on my server. The always ask me if I have a disc spec or don't take me at all. I have had to play shadow a few weeks just to get points. One thing I noticed from disc, shadow and holy in RBG, when I play holy we usually win. I wish all the pvp fan boys would come read this and see your rating so they can go tell the other fan boys holy is a good spec for RBG.
Way to rock that Holy Priest! We just need to keep on doing what we're doing. I'm taking a couple of your macros. Thanks for that! Two more open keybinds for me! YAY!

I started playing around with feathers a couple of weeks ago and I will never, ever go back to Body and Soul. Feathers are seriously OP when used correctly and in a smart way. Holy crap, I can gap close for my dps and get people across the field super fast. It just takes time getting used to them with regards to placement and letting folks you play with recognize them and pick them up. Latency seems to be a small issue with the feathers, too, but after a couple of weeks using them, I've got the timing down. When a Hunter disengages from a Melee, pop a feather down for him (provided he knows to look for it) and he's back on that Hunter in no time. I'm loving feathers!

Holy is also super fun to play. We have so many spells to choose from. I also agree with you on SoR, if you can time your death to coincide with the res timer, it's like you never died. You just run back in and start healing again with a full mana bar, lol. Also true about trinketing Chastise. I think lots of people don't even realize what this spell is, so they just auto-trinket it. Makes me giggle every time. LOS Hymn and Lightspring are straight up OP. With our squishy problem resolved via Focused Will in 5.2, I think we are gonna be really strong.

I've been reforging for Haste to reduce my GCD and go for the extra ticks on Renew and Hymn. My Flash Heal is down to 1.4 Seconds. What are your thoughts on that? I'd be interested to know what you think.
Great Guide. Definitely, going to add those macros!
This needs to be sticky, I keep requesting it.
Thanks...I will bookmark this. I was struggling to decide to go holy again for 5.2 because we are so squishy in 5.1 ...high level players can crush us in 3-4 blows right now :(

Hopefully we will get more recognition...
Thanks everyone for your kind comments on the guide, I'm glad it's helping some of you! :)

@Nighttstorm I know exactly how you feel about struggling to find groups that will take you. I started off pugging, and got into an RBG guild who saw how good Holy was and they took me under their wing. Pug'ed on and off through the entire season, probably played with at least 40 different teams. Majority of my rating came from pugging, I normally say "watch me out heal everyone" when I get the pre-judgement saying "LOL Holy is for PvE." After that's over you gain a bit of respect, which is nice. I'm really trying to encourage people to bring Holy Priest more often, it's funny when higher rated players say, "Oh wow, Holy is actually good now". A lot more people are playing Holy in RBG i've noticed over the past month, so the trend is finally picking up! Slowly.

@ Flaxxen I definitely need to give feathers another go then, probably going to start practicing with them in BG's. PTR seems really good for Holy right now, and i'm excited for the 5.2 launch. It's true Holy has great utility- roots, fears, stuns I'm happy I picked it up this past season. As for the Haste reforging, I think that's absolutely fine, I don't personally because almost everything is instant cast and when Crits happen they're huge 250-300k+ ect makes me happy. I Haste reforged earlier in the season to play around and found I liked Crit better, will test it on PTR too as well as keeping Mastery.
Holy bejesus, used those macros last night - rockin awesome, they are.

One more thing to note about Holy - Guardian Spirit. Even though it is buggy, it is still worth casting because while it is active, it increases healing on the target by 60%. Pretty Fab! I've saved myself many times just using it for the extra healing buff.

Everyone should request sticky on this one so Holy gets more notice!
Good guide. 420
Very nice, I switched to holy a few weeks back and loving it. Can't wait for 5.2 & stickied!
Nice guide! I haven't even touched holy since 5.1 dropped, might pick it up if my guild needs a healer for RBGs :)
Holy the new FOTM? Who'da thunk it? :)

about the glyph choices. SoR is a no-brainer. I prefer using POM and Fade glyphs.

Lightspring the bad thing about it is that it only procs when < 50% I would rather have people using it to keep topped off... if they don't use it, I have no issues clicking it all to myself.

Renew glyph wasn't bad when you could spam shields and take glyph of shield which resets your renew buff while in yellow chakra... but since we typically don't take that as holy any longer taking Glyph of renew because of the 1 less tic, glyph of renew actually decreases the total amount that renew heals when allowed to go full duration.

Also for talents. Angelic Feathers is the bomb esp with the buff. PVP healing is all about mobility. You can get your flag carrier across the map super fast with it... you can pre-cast it at certain points around the flag room or node you're fighting in for speed boosts. The feathers stick around for a long while. I've dropped a feather near my flag room at times, gone across the map to get the flag then when I come back to our flag room it's still sitting there lol.

Bind it to your middle-mouse button it will make it a lot easier to drop it exactly where/when you need it.
I would also use macros to "stance dance" between red/yellow/blue chakras now that we have a 5 second CD on chakra changes (4 piece healing pvp set). This is a huge buff pretty much adding 2 spells to our standard rotation. Include it with casting the spell of that chakra such as chastise, instaheal and sanctuary.

/cast Chakra: Chastise
/cast Chastise

/cast chakra: serenity
/cast serenity

/cast chakra: sanctuary
/cast Divine Hymn (editted: Divine Hymn would be the better spell to couple this with into 1 macro... then right afterwards you can cast Sanctuary if needed... then you can go right back to Yellow Chakra.

something like that...
also for rotations... PoM > Serenity is the go to single-target heal on the move... if you're not being pressured... you can drop pretty nice healbombs going Serenity > PoM > Greater Heal which uses your HOLY SPARK buff proc the greater heal which is also likely to crit due to Serenity buff. It's holy's version of Inner Focus Flash Heal.

Throw in Guardian Spirit at the start for ePeen inducing 300k+ heal nukes even with PVP healing debuff.
03/04/2013 08:38 AMPosted by Longinus
I would also use macros to "stance dance"

I've already started setting these macros up :) More keybind to learn! lol

I can't wait to run into the house at BS, switch to Sanc and channel divine hymn lol. By the time it's done channeling, the CD will be up and it's back to business in Serenity!
Thank you Longinus! I'll add those to the macros section! So happy about Chakra's reduced Cd next patch, it's been great so far testing in Arenas! I'll definitely be using feathers next season for Rbgs, been getting used to them the past week and they're incredibly useful. Also updated the guide on Tier Two, after testing Angelic Feathers in PTR it is way better than I initially thought thank you for all your feedback on it guys :)
seriously the best priest ive played with in a long time. learned so much UPVOTE THIS S***

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