Worth the transfer?

Heya, my guildmates and I are looking for potentially a new home. Our server is pretty much deader than a door nail, been on a steady decline since that halfway point of Cataclysm. Trade chat is almost dead silent and the goats can cross the bridges free from the trade trolls!

We are seriously considering a guild transfer, but we don't have the $$ to waste on a transfer into the same scenario.

We spammed vek for 2 months for recruits and found ONE! One person! You can't even fill holes in the raids. The chats are pretty much dead 90% of the time, with itty bitty sparks of life a few times in a week.
plenty of pugs to get on this server. its hit or miss, but theres some good ones. server alli side is VERY active. AH is good, trade chat is bumping bla bla bla

pvp side of things its kinda dead, but idk what your looking for. but alli raiding is good...
When Obi-wan told Luke " ive never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy " he was actually talking about Lightbringer ....you been warned .
Lightbringer is like every other medium/high populated server. You have some really good people and you have some really bad, with a full range in between. But there are always runs going between 5pm-11pm server time. Pugs do fairly well, especially the guild runs that are just looking for 1-2 fill ins for the night. If you are looking to just transfer toons and not the whole guild I am sure there are guilds out there that can absorb multiple people.
You know we actually top of our server in out battle group. How would you feel if you couldn't be on a server that couldn't get a group for sha or Galleon i know server that have to cross realm to get them i have friends that still haven't kill them. Some people can't get groups on there servers to do old world raids that is how dead it is. they cant do transmog runs. we are a very good server we run a lot difference things. we are not a high popular server you can log in and not wait 10mins to get in so that is a good thing. I transferred of a dead server 2 in a half years ago and i am in The Evolved love this guild and they are great to me they took me in and made me feel at home since day one and have made great friends and i have never looked back i still am friends with people on my old server they come over cross realm to do sha and galleon. i tell them all the time pay the transfer but they like it dead. It's worth it.
<All Shall Fade> is a lvl 25 guild just recently xferred to Lightbringer. We came from the same kind of server you're on it was dieing a slow painful death and really hard to get anyone to do ANYTHING!!

We are in the same boat as you as far as raiding goes. We are in the process of building up our ranks so we can raid, pvp and do rbg. We have a variety of members all adults but the one key factor is I not only consider this a guild but also my family. We work together as a unit and help each other out. I also agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that it is just that "Their" opinion.

My biggest pet peeve is respect if you can't respect your fellow guildies or other players in that matter I don't need you nor do I want you. Would love to talk more to you about this and would love for you to seriously consider joining us. We all have to learn somewhere so why not learn with people that are all on your same playing level.

I've been on Lightbringer now for almost a month and have met some really helpful nice people but than of course you have your typical trade trolls and those with a holier than tho complex but that just goes along with any game when you have multiple personalities playing.

I would really like to chat with you more about this so please feel free to contact me in game on Ismíra or Cassielle. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck

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