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Just recently had 3 trolls in a random instance, where i lost aggro of one monster, said i was a bad tank, then stopped healing + dpsing. My friend and I had to go to the end of the dungeon our selves while they sat there and did nothing at the entrance. One ended up helping and apologizing, but the other two were trolling jerks. Couldn't finish last boss because the healer was at entrance, and had to wait 30-40 minutes for them to leave so I could find new people. Couldn't kick because there were three of them.
Here's a screen shot I got of them
Remove the screenshot. There are no rules against being a jerk unfortunately. Next time, just leave the instance and find another group. Also, you can put them on ignore to never be grouped with them again.

Posting their names or a screenshot, however, is against the rules.

Edit: Vrak's already edited the he's fast! Must be the four legs ;)
Unfortunately, Sacred, there will be times when a player or, as in this case, a group of players does not seem to get along with you. While unfortunate, unless they are otherwise violating our policies, in-game support isn't generally in a position to intervene in such interactions.

In most cases you can merely use the vote to kick option, if the rest of the group to hopefully remove the person who isn't fitting in. In this case you were in the minority and I'm afraid the only real option is to remove yourself if it turns out that you and the rest of the group cannot work together.

If they otherwise used inappropriate language please use the right click report option by right clicking on the chat line and selecting Report For: Language.

I'm sorry that it turned out that way.

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