Can I not get a copy paste response please

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"Greetings %Character:Name%"

Oh and if it's not to much trouble can I have a gm who isn't an incompetent quack look into my issue please?
To give feedback about the response you received you need to use the survey. And if you feel your issue was not resolved you will want to re-open it.
That is a standard feedback template, the same as millions of others that are in use in Customer service departments around the world. They are used to streamline responses and ensure that customers get a consistent and approved service experience.

Secondarily it does not matter if the information you get is copied and pasted as long the information resolves your issue.

Copy/Paste allows information to be provided to you quickly and easily, in as efficient a manner as possible. Making a GM type out a reply manually is a waste of their time, and ultimately yours. That sort of inefficiency lead to things like higher monthly subscription rates. Would you prefer to pay 20 or 25 dollars a month?

As noted above, if the information you receive is incorrect, indicate that in the survey. There is no need to resort to personal attacks on people who are trying to help you, even when they don't understand the issue, have misread something or otherwise.
Unfortunately, such things are generally are not something a GM can assist with. But re-opening your ticket is the only way to have it looked at again. The forums are not staffed 24/7 and I do not think there is anyone around right now.
02/27/2013 10:47 PMPosted by Ehrên
I have done that but no one seems to want to see that my BT raid id is 9/9 dead and Illidan didn't magically drop dead when I was the only person in the dungeon.

So, what exactly is the issue? I'm sensing some snark in this statement, which makes it hard to understand what the issue is.

Trying to read between the lines, it looks like you're having a problem with a Raid ID not resetting? Generally, GM's cannot help with that, and cannot reset a Raid ID.
02/27/2013 10:47 PMPosted by Ehrên
I have done that but no one seems to want to see that my BT raid id is 9/9 dead and Illidan didn't magically drop dead when I was the only person in the dungeon.

Have you done any transfers or faction changes?
02/28/2013 12:55 AMPosted by Ehrên
2. I'm about to kill Illidan and the que pops

Did you just get to Illidan or were you already engaged him in battle then the queue popped?

If his health was low enough he could of died from the damage, you had done to him, seconds after you left. If that is the case it would have been the same as if you DCed or died and released, before a Boss dies. Even though he died from damage you did, you were not there when he died. Therefore you would have been ineligible for to loot him.
Basically no one was there for the completion of the encounter. Hence why the kill wasn't recorded. As it didn't happen.

Why is Illidan not respawning? It might be the design of the encounter or a bug. None of those are something that GMs can correct. Nor reset the boss, per policy.

Others have covered the pre-made responses above. I don't agree w/ it either but they've decided that it's the most effectively use of time.
So you ported out just before the fight ended and Maeve killed Illidan? If you weren't there for his death, you're not eligible for loot. That's how it's supposed to work. Porting out to an LFR is basically the same as releasing your spirit mid fight.
Basically, you may have killed him, but since he was not actually dead, but was in the middle of his death speech when you left the instance, you have done the equivalent of releasing in the middle of the dungeon. You are not eligible for the loot. This is working as intended and no amount of tickets will fix it.
Even if it was a game error or bug (I don't think that it is) a GM woulds still not be able to help you. For whatever reason your lockout is showing it is killed. Now you have to wait until next week for it to reset. Contrary to popular belief, being told no or not getting exactly what you want doesn't equal bad service. Yes they use form letters. This cuts down a lot of time when answering tickets of similar issues.
I do apologize for that, I'll make sure that Game Master is aware their tools may be setup improperly to pick up your character name.

As to the answer - that was pretty much spot on if there were no records of the kill.

Now it's fine to want a second opinion in cases where you think something may have been missed - and I see you have that petition open now. Please do leave that open and we'll be happy to have a look.

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