Frost DK PVP Guide (5.1)

Death Knight
Every single one of your posts should be marked as trolling. People like you are so annoying.

Kudos to the elaborate guide OP.



Pointing out obvious: shortcomings, mistakes & fallacies?

Venoma it would be far more productive & useful to apply what you consider your superior knowledge to addressing the OP's guide rather than coming off as a douchebag & focusing on his ratings (or lack thereof). I have to agree with the other poster... what you are doing can very easily be seen as trolling.

I am looking to play my DK again (didn't play him in S12) and being as rusty as I am a solid guide would be very useful. If the OP is giving bad advice then tactfully correct him & give better advice, but please stop with the ratings garbage. Talking about fallacies you are employing the ad hominem fallacy.
02/28/2013 07:39 PMPosted by Venoma
Mate, I have no beef with you. You are, however, starting to piss me off.

Ignore the worthless troll Paladin. I am just getting back into the game and as someone who got Hero of the Horde in rated bgs, and gladiator on rogue in the past I found your guide to be a great starting point and had been scouring forums for a good collection of starting information like this. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
Pally is definitely a elitist jerk/troll. The only things I disagree with are just personal choices but everything he's saying is what I've heard/seen about frost Dks so far as well. I also am a casual who doesn't have all those pvp achieves that elitists like to gloat about but I'd also say that rating and achievements really don't matter. Some people are casuals but that doesn't mean they don't know how to play, they just don't get off on spending hours getting rating and being glads.
DW stats should be Mast/Haste/Crit
03/04/2013 11:14 PMPosted by Ønysablet
DW stats should be Mast/Haste/Crit

Thank you for pointing that out - typo has been corrected.
Just so everyone knows, I'm tied up with work over the next few days and going on a short trip after that. I won't be back playing WoW until about March 10 / 11th ish. I will try to do as much PVP as soon as I can when I get back to get this guide updated and relevant as early in the season as I can.

Cheers and thank you for all the positive comments!
Make Unholy DK PvP guide
Keep it running for months
Never gets stickied

Someone makes Frost PvP guide
Stickied in 4 hours

Its tough man, but don't focus so much on it being stickied or not. Make the guide for the enjoyment of it and learning experience, and knowing you're probably helping some players out there with some of the basic questions.

Don't to do things for acknowledgement. Your time will come eventually once you hit the spot light and the right people see it. Just keep at it man. Good luck!
Armory me if anyone is confused on Frost DK reforge/gems.
I want to say, after just really beginning to pvp on this toon, this guide has been invaluable for getting me started. I especially appreciate the sections on stat priorities, gemming, enchanting and reforging. All of it was helpful though. Thanks for the time put into it.
Armory me if anyone is confused on Frost DK reforge/gems.

So you forge haste and mastery over haste and crit as 2h?
Mastery > Haste, and yes.
Very nice guide. I'm impressed. I didn't get to pvp much during s13 coming in at the tail end of it. So saying I was a bit confused is an understatement. This helped a lot.
I'm a pvp junkie and I give a thumbs up :) Check my achevies if ya want lol

I do suggest three addons though. Battleground Targets, Healers have to Die and Gladiatorlossa. Best addons for all types of pvper. Be you hardcore or casual.
I'm having trouble with this macro:

/cast Lichborne
/target [Malganon]
/cast Death Coil

Sometimes it work as intended, but sometimes it just throw the Death Coil into my enemy... anyone had/has the same problem? Anyway to fix this?
Anyway to fix this?

/cast Lichborne
/cast [@player] Death Coil

Keeps your target, and heals you when you spam it.

I personally use a cancel aura macro lichborne, and then the one above.
03/15/2013 01:31 PMPosted by Andry
Anyway to fix this?

/cast Lichborne
/cast [@player] Death Coil

Thanks man, this one works better!
hello, i'm interested in the blood macro but i'm kind of new so don't know how to contact you privately and nice frost guide,
I know part of this question will depend on the comp, but IMO I think Frost and Unholy are interchangeable in nearly all comps/teams in pvp. That being said seems like everyone is going Unholy in 5.2, and I was curious if there were any competitive/higher end DK's that are staying Frost.

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