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02/28/2013 08:17 PMPosted by Venoma
Why don't you two argue about something more productive.

Because unfortunately for the OP he caught me in one of my more "stickler" moods.

And i guess you caught me in one of mine. Why don't you actually achieve something in pvp before pointing fingers at others? Its a decent guide for players in general. I just read it for my up and coming DK, and although for me most of it was self explanatory, i know for others it would seem less apparent how to do things. Kudos Hades.

I'll save you the time of looking up my rating. 2550 rbgs 2450 3s

But you still looked? Now go break 1700 in 3s or rbgs before you start talking down to people.
Hey guys thank you for all the positive comments. I haven't forgotten about you, I just wanted to make sure that I know what I'm talking about before I get the 5.2 update posted. A few of the changes I will be addressing: Asphyxiate, conversion, DW vs 2H, survivability vs burst. I am really excited about the buffs we got for 5.2 as they have really increased the utility of DKs for PVP! Stay tooned.
I haven't played my DK since Cata but now that I have him at 90 been looking to get back into pvp.

One of the better guides I've been able to find for intro and returning players. Cant wait for the update for 5.2 but even now the info is helpful.
I know that in the past frost dks used unholy presence all the time in pvp. Is this still true, or should it only be used as stated in the guide, to catch up to a kiting target?
As someone who is struggling to learn PvP I found this guide very informative. As for all you "experts" who are findind fault with it, !@#$. Who gives a monkeys butt whether it has "beginner" in the title or not. If you come here and already know the info good move on. And so what if the op doesn't go after achievements does that mean that all of a sudden the information wasn't use full to me? No.
Again just %^-* and move on.
Thank you for taking the time to write this. Amazingly I found thread after thread of "MASH THESE 3 BUTTONS LOLOLOLLL!!!!" and was getting quite annoyed until I ran across this detailed analysis. As with any info or guide I find, I always take it into consideration but usually end up tweaking it slightly to fit my play style so the breakdown and situational info was very informative. As someone who has always run a blood DK, crossing into another spec was daunting and I felt much more informed after reading this, so thanks!

I am usually a lurker but I got wrapped up in the flame war that was going on attacking you for assembling all this info but not having the uber L337 achievements so I decided to pop out and let you know it was appreciated.

I think the most important part is You have presented a very helpful and easy guide, so thank you for Your time and Effort. And would kindly ask people to give helpful comments and updates.
As for the people who have some issue and are complaining, if YOU don't like this guide then comment on why YOU disagree, otherwise if YOU're here to throw USELESS comment and waste our time, GTF OUT !!

Regards, Hadès
Any suggestion of conquest gear purchase order for 5.2?
NVM I figured it out
As I have just started Frost PvP, I find this guide to be very helpful. As a beginner who, like most noobs, doesnt care what achieves our advisors have, I can say this is an on-point, well thought out, useful guide to those who are looking for that "ok, what next?" advice. Please, on behalf of the DK community, feel free and undaunted to continue your guides well into the future.
I have every single arena achievement besides 2700 in 3s, plenty of rbg progress as well. I didn't find anything I would completely disagree with in this guide. Well done and keep up the good work!

One thing I wanted to note - glyph of dark sim. is a pretty amazing tool against any team with a caster. It does take some time to master, but I would recommend it as baseline for any frost dk in any arena set up or bg/rbg.
Thank you, OP for the guide to get us up and coming death knights with the basics for pvp.
I would like to say this is a great guide for beginners,starting to understand the PVP spec,
also this Venoma guy that started all this crap on your nice guide well my other two toons both have ran into him not long ago and this guy has no skill at all I watch his a-s get handed to him over and over. I even took him out twice and I think I suck at PVP. I can't believe all the sh-t he said after I saw that. you know it's always the guy that can't fight that talks like he can. and the guy that can really through down well he rights a guide about it.. don't bother responding to this as I'm out!!! just wanted to put out there what I saw. well thanks again for the guide and good luck to all you out there in PVP land..
I'd like to say DW is an F load better than everyone seems to think. If you stack mastery with conversion you're RP is generating extremely fast while conversion is up. That's even in BLOOD presence. The damage is so much more consistent and steady. Despite popular belief the bust with DW (when played right) is nothing to mess with. I've seen very few frost DW dk's... everyone seems to be 2h cookie cutter these days. Just sayin' give it a shot.
I thought haste was greater than mastery for 2H?
Great read! thanks for putting the effort in. wish we had more out there like you who takes the time to help.
Also you should update this guide.
After being bored to death by this guys reading, I skipped to the end and found out he is an idiot. If you know how to play, don't listen to tool bags like this guy, and just do your own thing.
After being bored to death by this guys reading, I skipped to the end and found out he is an idiot. If you know how to play, don't listen to tool bags like this guy, and just do your own thing.

Coming from a hunter I will give this the consideration it deserves.

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