Your UH dk pet macros!

Death Knight
I'm looking for macros to better help control my pet as I'll be playing uh in arena come 5.2. The only macro I currently have in terms of pet management is
#showtooltip Gnaw
/cast [nomod] !Leap
/cast [mod:alt, @focus] !Leap
/cast [nomod] !Gnaw
/cast [mod:alt, @focus] !Gnaw

I keep claw on at all times. Should I bind claw to dc/scourge strike?

Any other pet macros/tips you have would be greatly appreciated!
make sure on your leap and gnaw macros that you add

/petautocastoff Claw

Then on your necrotic strike add

/petautocaston Claw

Basically this is because sometimes claw will use up the energy necessary to get off a gnaw. So by turning it off you make sure your pet doesn't do another claw before you make him gnaw.

I have had multiple times before that where gnaw took like 2-3 globals to go off.

The other thing I would suggest is a


If your pet runs in and they try to get a kill on your pet its a good macro to reel back in your pet. That way you dont have to waste a rez.

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