Prot Warrior LF guild for 5.2

Hello every one, i have been looking for a guild for this entire start of this expansion so far and this tier was a bust for me being unable to find a good guild, so after many transfers and tons of character leveling i have settled on wanting to play my warrior as my main.

I have been tanking across multiple MMO's for about 6 years (WoW mainly but more recently in the past 2 or so years, rift, swtor and tera aswell) I am a fairly experienced tank, an extremely fast learner and good listener, Normally i will do some research on fights but i do better with them if i have them explained to me then actually attempting them, ive always been a big believer of learning by doing and it also makes it more fun for me that way but of course i do research fights some before doing them.

My gear is not great because i have not done any thing other than LFR on this guy yet and my rng is terrible when it comes to LFR loot drops the only luck ive had is on my brewmaster (481ilvl also on this server) but im not really looking to play my brewmaster seriously any more.

My gear situation im sure can be remedied by some carrying :P LOL but to end this all i am a skilled tank and i know what im doing as a tank even though my gear is bad, i think id make a good asset to any team.
[A] Last Pull is a newly transferred guild to Stormrage-US PVE server. In nine weeks of raiding we took a group who had little to no current raid exp and have gone 4/6H 16/16N. When 5.2 hits we intend to hit the content hard and get it down quickly.

The leadership has been raiding together for the last three years and have plenty of time under our belts leading a guild that's both fun and can down content.

What we look for:
- Know your class and any off spec you may have
- Have knowledge of the fights before pull and come prepared to each raid.
- A willingness to put the team and guild above yourself.

Raid times:
Monday-Thursday 7:30-11:30PM EST

Alt raid time:
Saturday 8-12PM EST

Currently recruiting:
Blood DK
Prot Warrior

For more information:
Crysten -
BattleTag: Cristen#1477
Real ID:

Nòr -
Battle Tag: Nor#1480
Real ID:
=^.^= PLAYFUL =^.^=

Level 25 Alliance guild on Stormrage

Playful is recruiting any exceptional player but is in high need of a Tank, Off-spec Healer and some amazing DPS.

About Playful:

Playful is a guild with many exceptional players with a focus on progression while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Playful was formed in 2010 by a group of fun loving PvEers that all met through several PUG raids and decided to come together into a single guild. The common thread with the guild members is a love of the game and raiding while achieving guild progression. The Playful love to discover the new content and still enjoy running older raids for achievement, mounts, pets or just for a good time. Several of our members love to PvP and spend many hours in battlegrounds and arenas, a goal for Playful is to get into RBGs as soon as possible.

As a PvE focused guild we are all about guild raid progression and strive to be the best we can and are always looking to improve not only our individual play, but that of the group. Many of our members are always looking at class changes to help others with suggestions and we are always open to help research questions brought by guild members.

Above all at Playful we just wanna have fun. While we do take raiding seriously, it should be fun as well. The guild in general is filled with all types of fun and interesting people. Guild chat and Teamspeak can get pretty wild at times, but is usually full of joking around and fun talk.


Progression: 16/16 4/16 Heroic
MV: 6/6 Normal 4/6 Heroic
HoF: 6/6 Normal
ToES: 4/4 Normal with Elite Protectors

Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thurs 8pm – 11pm EST

We expect high attendance from our raiders and expect that all will be online on time (prefer if raiders online 15 mins prior to start) and be prepared for the nights raids (fight research, flasks/pots, enchants and reforging done)

Raiders are required to have a stable internet connection, computer capable of handling the demands of raiding, Teamspeak and a working headset/microphone.

You also need a good attitude and an open mind.

Raiding Perks:

As a raider your flasks/pots and repairs are provided. We ask that you come prepared with your own individual buff food (300) however, with the last expansion there is to many different foods for the guild to keep up with.

For more information contact:

Byecurious: Pinky#1654
Sapncrunch: Dat1guy#1180

Check us out!!!
I would love to talk to you.

Dawning Nemesis –

Raid Times: 8 – 11 PM EST (Server Time) Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Raid Comp: 10 Man
Loot: Link/Council - via attendance + performance + need
VOIP: Mumble
Server: Stormrage US (PVE EST)

CURRENT Progression (10)
- 6/6 MSV 4/6HM
- 6/6 Heart of Fear
- 4/4 Terrace

Our media sites:
Wow Progress:

Class Need:
- Tank Non Druid 490+ ilvl
- Cloth DPS 80K+ DPS 490+ ilvl

* You must be able to make all the times and days listed. Many of the people in it are in our group or have 16/16 and HM progression experience. We have a mature guild of mostly working professionals. The guild was started in 2004 in EQ and very well established for several years in WoW.

Battle tag: Xfinity#1300
In Game: Contact one our officers…
Ferniss – GM
Anyi – Officer
Pepiton - Officer
Tonofbricks – Officer
Chadwicked – Officer
Readycheck - Officer
If you are able to raid Weekends Let me know, raid times are
7-11 pm Est - Fri-Sat
7-9 Sun pm Est
Let me know if these raid times are good for you and we could talk, your gear is no issue to me well take you and help you gear up as long as you are willing to put your weight into raiding.

My gammer tag is Gammis#1134 if you want to

Love to hear from ya soon

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