501 Enhance Shaman LF Guild

Dedicated and skilled shaman looking for new guild and server. I can be serious when it comes to raiding but I also wanna have fun while doing so I am ready to transfer and would be a great addition to your roster

Things I look for in a guild
-Raid PST (Pacific Standard Time) with a start time between 7pm-10pm and ending no later than 1:30 am
-Have cleared a minimum of 5 T14 heroics.
-Established core group

BattleTag (THERAFLU#1875)

Look Forward to hearing from you.
I have an opening in a newly formed 10man i am putting together! Raid times will be 6-9 server (here on KJ) we also will be going to a 25m in a month or soo.. My guild as a whole are 10/16HM. Look forward to hearing from you!

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