Casual group in need of few more complete 10m

Hello, as tittle says it. I am looking for few more people who are interested in a simple 8 hours a week group. We raid Tuesday 9pm-12am, and 8pm-12am, central or realm time.

If you're one of the many people tired of pugging weekly, this maybe the group for you. We are a solid group of people just looking to get in clears each week, while taking our time with the more difficult progression when we reach that time. This would be a great group for anyone who has an alt they're looking to play weekly for fun.

What we are aiming for with this group is to be very casual but still serious raiders to where we can kill stuff with ease and move on, everyone currently enrolled in the group are the type of players that will do their part every raid and show up.

We plan to use a /roll loot system because of the simplicity of this group, everyone is welcome to apply but we are looking for a select few who are willing to help us and contribute to making this happen.

We currently are looking for one healer, one tank, one dps.

- Feel free to leave a post here, by in game mail, or to whisper me.

Bump need a good hunter and tank!

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