WTT pets/stones for flying/beast/mech stones

Pet Battles
If you have the stones I'm looking for but don't need anything on my list, let me know what you need and I'll see if I can find it.

Looking for stones:
Flying x 6
Beast x 8
Mechanical x 2

Have to trade:
Dark whelpling
Enchanted broom
Pandaren earth spirit
Pandaren air spirit
Jade owl
Sea pony
Giant sewer rat
Jade crane chick (B/B and H/B)
Mulgore hatchling
Durotar scorpion
Dun morogh cub
Teldrassil sproutling
Tirisfal batling
Rustberg gull
Toxic wasteling
Voodoo figurine
Proto-drake whelp x 3 (uncommon)
Sapphire cub (uncommon)
Fossilized hatchling x 2
Elementium geode x 2

BoE flawless stone (will trade for 2 species-specific stones)
Elemental stone x 1
Dragonkin stone x 1

Holiday pets
Toxic wasteling
Pint-sized pink pachyderm
Spring rabbit
Winter's little helper
Tiny snowman
Blue clockwork rocket bot

Raid pets
Mini mindslayer x 3
Corefire imp

Rep pets
Crimson lasher
Hyjal bear cub
Nether ray fry
Tiny Goldfish

My battletag is Etul#6173, hit me up if you're interested in trading.
Still looking!
I have a beast and flying stone, I'll trade ya one of 'em for a Dragonstone

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