"Fistweaving" and me -- help?

Rolled a monk, loving it so far, playing brewmaster to level -- I play prot on my warrior, so tanking is second natureto me,but trying to decide what my second spec should be.

The limited information I've found on fistweave bills it as "Not worthwhile" -- but I mean for the majority of content, is it OK to try? I mean renewing mists -> Jab -> Uplift with the occasional blackout kick seems like it'd hold people up in theory,but.. would I be better off just cycling my mists and standing back?

Because I've been playing TSW for a while now, and enjoy the concept of leech healing (offensive healing) even if it is just a jab here, a blackout kick there -- but if i'm going to end up just spamming mists, i'd be better off shoving that secondary spec for WW.

So how viable is fistweaving, and is there a guide to it floating around the internets?
There are guides, but major changes are happening within the next couple weeks. So major that the information they have, probably won't apply at all. If you're still leveling, just mess around with everything. You can't really go wrong.

Sorry, not very helpful, but here's a couple good and up to date ones if you're already at max level.



If you're not raid healing and you can afford to burn a bit of mana, go ahead and try it. For DPS purposes you will want to keep up Tiger Power and use the rest of your chi on blackout kick.

It's not competitive (at all) as healing goes, but it's certainly useful to contribute DPS when the healing is light enough to allow. Just be careful to avoid overextending your mana and be prepared to switch back to more dedicated healing if you're not keeping up.
get the buff up early and then just enjoy the free heals from auto attacks. once that is going, you only need to kick every 29secs to keep the buff up. the rest of the chi you generate from mists and jab go to your other abilities. it isn't a lot of healing, but it is free once you set it up.

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