Stormwind to Argent Vanguard

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the title say it all, how can I get there, I'm on trial!?
There's no such place..

Do you mean Argent Tournament grounds?
Argent Vanguard is a Base for the Argent Crusade. It's on the Northern Edge of Icecrown - a level 77 zone in Northrend. It's the name of the place where the Argent Tournament is held.

You'll need flying to get there.
There's a ship in Stormwind and one in Menethil that go to different ends of Northrend. From those points you can fly to Dalaran (costs 2g), after that I'm not sure if you can still fly up that far or not, pretty sure it's no longer available. I was able to get a trial twink up there when Wrath was first included with the base game, but either it was a fluke, or they made it unpossible pretty quick.

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