Ret PVP macros

Hi guys,

looking for a good macro maker here.

I do lots of random bg's so I need a few little macrso to help me from making mistakes.

1) I need a macro that will cast HoP on my target if friendly or my target's target BUT not on myself-ever. It's annoying when I've gone for the HoP and my target gets steam rolled and I cast the thing on myself.

2) Same thing for Lay on hands

3) Similar thing for Sac. Just target or target's target.

4) WoG macro that will cast it on myself and if I hold shift it will cast it on my focus. If I have no focus and I hold shift it will cast on my target or target's target if friendly. (the main reason for this one is to get around that WoG range error bug)

Hopefully these are possible and someone here knows how to make them!
I've looked but havent found any that do what I'm looking for and I've tried to make them myself but I keep messing them up somewhere and can't figure it out.
Did you try Vanguard's PVP sticky? There should be some macros in there that might help you.
I did, but since he does arena all his target specific macros are @arena1 type stuff:(
/cast [@target, help, exists][@targettarget, exists] Hand of Protection

/cast [@target, help, exists][@targettarget, exists] Lay on Hands

/cast [@target, help, exists][@targettarget, exists] Hand of Sacrifice

/cast [mod:shift, @focus, exists][mod:shift, @target, help, exists][mod:shift, @targettarget, help, exists][@player] Word of Glory

Hopefully they work. I don't see why they wouldn't.
oh thats awesome thank you!

i will try them out and let you know!

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