[H] <KA> 2/13H 10-Man LF Heals

Recruiting now open for a Healer!

<KA> is newly transferred to Zul'jin from the Cairne server, where we completed Cataclysm with a rank of 3rd on the realm. However, in Mists we have found ourselves struggling with recruitment, as Cairne's Horde population was dwindling. We therefore could not keep up our previous record and only made moderate raid progress. As such, we have transferred to greener pastures here on Zul'jin, in order to find more like-minded players to fill out our roster.

We run a 10-person raiding group focused on clearing content within a very tight schedule. Most of our guild members have very busy lives, and we think that this focus is a big advantage for us. We don't raid as much as the bigger guilds, but we like to make the most of our time and get things done all the same.

In terms of our needs for 5.4, we are now actively recruiting an active and experienced healer who can regularly make our raid times of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10pm-Midnight Eastern.

Recruitment is also open for general guild members, with the potential to be upgraded to our raid roster over time, depending on our needs.

Core Raid Schedule:
- Tuesday 10pm-Midnight Eastern
- Wednesday 10pm-Midnight Eastern
- Thursday 10pm-Midnight Eastern

18+ Only - Apply at our website - www.kaguild.com

We look forward to hearing from you. If you're looking to see progression content, but on a casual schedule, then we may be the guild for you!
Couple of more specific notes that often get asked:

- For loot, we actually do not use any external system at all. Simple Need for main spec, Greed for offspec, otherwise Pass for guild bank DE. No council, no points system, usually not even any Master Loot. Been doing that for years now, entirely drama-free. Works especially well with our limited schedule, too - allowing us to distribute loot in a matter of seconds and hurry straight on to the next boss.

- For our times, we are very punctual and strict about our start and end times. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to start, first pull at exactly 10pm Eastern or sooner, if everyone's on early (they usually are). We then run with minimal AFKs and breaks straight through to Midnight Eastern, which is a fairly strict cut-off. Many of us need to get up early for work the next day - so never feeling pressured into staying up later than planned is very important.

- Finally, while we strive for as much consistency as possible, we're also very understanding and flexible about time away for Real Life matters. As such, there's no required attendance - we just ask for notice ahead of time when someone can't make it, so we can plan for a sub of some sort.

This set-up makes for a very interesting team spirit within the guild, whereby we run a seemingly light schedule and have very little demands or rules... BUT when it's "game time", everyone shows up fully prepared and eager to go. We usually make great progress in far less attempts-per-kill than other guilds and manage to compete with the "big boys" on what is a comparably laughable schedule.

This has been the case since ICC and throughout Cataclysm - and we're very proud of what we've managed to accomplish along the way. Despite the rough start to Mists as a result of server problems on Cairne, we're eager to get back into the swing of things for 5.2 and Throne of Thunder.

So hopefully that gives you a better picture of what we're about and the type of focused players we're looking for (people for whom families, jobs or school outside the game are very important - but who also want to kick some !@# a couple of nights a week alongside good friends).

Bumping for good players and good people getting things done on a real-life-friendly schedule.

Feel free to apply as a casual/social member as well!
Extra note for this week in particular.

We'll be going after our first Shek'zeer kill, before 5.2 hits next week - using a 4/6 Raid ID so that we can skip to Amber-Shaper and save time. We'd been working on the Empress fight and gotten it to 22%, but then (as mentioned in the original post) we started to run into roster issues with it being impossible to recruit or pug anyone on our old realm.

So if anyone would like to help and/or check us out at the same time, we will likely need to pug a healer and a dps. The run will be during our normal raid time of 10pm-Midnight on Tuesday.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
DPS spot now filled - just need a Healer, if anyone wants to help us with our Shek'zeer progression. We're a laid-back but "professional" group, you won't regret it. Thanks!
Bump for that raiding healer looking for a new group for 5.2.
Final bump for tonight's run - looking to pug a good healer willing to help us with our Grand Empress progression. :)

Raid will be from 10pm-Midnight Eastern.
Still looking for more (healers and DPS, but a core healer in particular). Social and casual players welcomed as well.
Bump for more recruits!
Bump for a great group!
<KA> is currently 4/12 in Throne of Thunder, making steady progress on Megaera.

However, real life issues have created a couple of potential openings in our roster again. We could use a new Healer and/or DPS. Ideally, both wrapped into one, with a dual-specced Heal/DPS who is comfortable switching between the two as needed.

Our raid times, as stated in the initial post, are Tue/Wed/Thu from 10pm-Midnight Eastern (with that being a strict cut-off time, for those worried about getting up early in the morning).

Apply at www.kaguild.com - we look forward to hearing from you! :)
Could really use one more DPS/Healer for our core raid team. Anybody looking for a normal-mode short-schedule mature raiding home, please check us out at www.kaguild.com.
Still looking for a full-specced Healer or dual-specced Healer/DPS for ToT.

Currently 4/12 and looking to progress, but that hole in the roster has been getting in the way...

Hope to hear from you!
We are recruiting a new Healer to fill a hole in our core roster, effective immediately. The guild is currently 1/13H (likely upping that to 2 tonight with an evening of Ji-Kun attempts ahead of us).

The player in question must be able to make all three of our raid nights on a regular basis - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10pm-Midnight Eastern.

If interested, please get in touch with us at www.kaguild.com or contact Anzari, Nakorviska, Vaerisara or Jagaya in-game.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Just confirming that we are indeed 2/13H now.

Still need a Healer, though. :)
Bump to announce that we will likely need to pug a Healer for this coming week, if anyone isn't sure about joining permanently but is looking for a group to raid with this week.

Times are 10pm-Midnight Eastern on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We'll be doing Heroic Jin'rokh and Heroic Ji-Kun, as well as some Heroic Horridon attempts, before finishing up the week with a full clear to Normal Lei Shen.

Loot system is a simple Need for main spec, Green for offspec. Most of us are decked out with the Normal mode gear, so odds are you won't have much competition on anything that drops there.

If that sounds interesting and you would like to pug and/or try out with us this week, let me know and I'll confirm with an in-game calendar invite. Thanks!

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